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Kipper Takes a Road Trip!

Journey, what is a journey? What does that mean to you? Journey can be the physical nature of the trip, it also can be an emotional journey, or both, the physical and emotional journey of a trip or an event. On June 3rd of 2018, I set out on a journey, both emotional and physical. My journey began in Grand Coulee Dam, WA, and the destination, Sedona, AZ…

A journey is about getting where you want to go, whether that be seeing the Eiffel Tower, or some sort of spiritual journey within, journeys can be fun and full of excitement, or they can be fraught with challenges and obstacles.

So, myself (MC2) and Kipper started our journey (10) of a long way (35)….. This was both a physical and emotional journey, heading back to Sedona, AZ. I grew up in Grand Coulee Dam, WA and I had lived in Sedona previously for 10 years, and never stopped going back. I was leaving home to go home!

See, home isn’t always where you grew up or, or one physical location. Home, can be in the heart, home can be where you need to be at any given moment, home can be at a rest area. The last two years of my life have been a constant journey, due to health issues. I was in Phoenix, AZ, when universe and my health decided I needed to journey back to Grand Coulee Dam, I was excited to go back, see my friends, enjoy a summer on the mighty Columbia River! And what a relaxing safe place for what I had just walked through with my health. I spent 344 days in Grand Coulee, that was an emotional journey, dealing with my health, facing some demons of childhood, and being excited to see my friends from school. It also was quite a mirror of how I had come a long way in my personal healing over the last 14 years. Want to measure your personal emotional internal growth, go back home where you grew up! Fast forwarding to June 3, 2018, Kipper and I hit the road, as the universe was sending me back to Sedona, AZ. By this time, I was ready to leave, and the novelty of being home was gone. It is a very very small town, and I was starting to lose my marbles! Ha! We were leaving Grand Coulee Dam, I placed my trusty Kipper Guide shotgun, and we were off!

My next stop was near Payette, Idaho, along the Snake River, and old passage way for traders, and anyone else on a journey back in the 1800’s, it was a great place to stop, I was out of WA-Hooray! And that much closer to my destination. I realized in that moment, how fun it would be to treat my friend Kipper as if it was a traveling gnome, and I wanted to give back to my teacher, mentor and writer of the Kipper Book, Toni Puhle. What an accomplishment on her part, completing her book, I’m sure she had a journey writing the book. I wanted to share with her, the impact her book and herself have on people and how helpful it is. Fortune telling cards are like street signs, we all look for guidance on our journeys, and Kipper can give you just that very thing! It’s like having a special friend, whispering in your ear, with helpful hints and insights. I also thought, it would simply be so much fun!

This photo at Snake River, was quite appropriate, as I was passing, a passage point, from one life to another, on my journey. Headed to a new experience, of old and new, once again. No matter where we go, how old, how young, what color or race, we are all on a journey. Never judge a book by it’s cover. I look like any average person in this photo, you would not know anything is wrong with me. I say this, to bring home again, never judge someone by what they look like, you have no idea what they are going though.

Please take a moment, to review the “journey”(10) card and the “long way” (35) card, see how it can pertain to you personally, whether that be emotionally, psychologically, or perhaps some physical location you would like to journey to, and how these two cards can also bring in some empathy to your world, note the meanings, and understand that everyone you meet, who comes across your path for a moment, a day, a week or years, that they too, are on a journey, be kind, be love!

Signing off for now, until the next installment of Kippers Journey!

Going Anastasia on her Kipper Journey next time ....

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