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What is a Mediumship Circle?

In the good old days (yes I am that old) psychic development or mediumship development was somewhat different to the online mix that we have today. I am not talking too many moons ago (honestly I am that old and we are talking mid 90s) when I was in my 20s and on the spiritual rollercoaster that is often referred to as an "awakening" these days. As a weird child I communicated with spirit, astral travelled, "sensed" things and considered it quite a normal experience. Only in growing up did I realise that others around me didn't have the same experiences. So I morphed into a chameleon and "fit in" with the rest of the world. The spiritual roller coaster has hit me a few times in my life smack in the face and I was glad to meet the peeps at mediumship circles and psychic development circles to swap mental stories and do some foundation work that has formed the baseline of my development through my adult life.

So what is a mediumship circle and what are you missing?

Conjure up images of sitting around a table with your hands on a spirit board and saying "is anybody there" ... now scratch that and imagine people from all walks of life hanging out and discussing the best way to channel spirit, whilst actually practising channelling spirit together! Confirmation that you are doing the stuff you should be, a process of where to start, an ear when you had a weird experience ... all of this and more - often tea and biscuits in the mix. I found the circles I attended regularly to be so important to my own personal growth, I learned techniques from experienced mediums and also felt like I could ask anything whatsoever and it would be supported! No subject was too out of the realms of discussion - from alien abduction through to walking spirit to the light - we discussed it all - openly and without judgement. I was not led down any avenues that were dodgy in any way and was just supported completely and unconditionally.

The mediumship circle is a family, friendships form that propel us forward in our development and business endeavours form in the spark of divine inspiration whilst chatting. We meet weekly or when it spontaneously works around your life and we just be weird friends who hang out and learn. The circle is opened with a candle lit, a simple line said and off we go into "how was your mediumship week" before channelling between us or just the experienced mediums jumping in to show best ways forward.


Why not join us this Saturday - you don't have to be a medium to join and you can just experience what it is like to be with fellow spirit friends or even receive a message along the way .... Click on the image:


And ... if you needed proof that I am still in one piece despite all the spirit interaction I have had and all the circles I have been through .... 45 years old and ready to start up the circles again that really catapulted me spirit wise when younger ... this time in the online world and totally tech orientated :)

Enjoy a mediumship circle with us this Saturday from the comfort of your own home and find out for yourself exactly what it means.


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