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Unravel the future with Playing Cards!

Hey, it is me Andreas, would you like to make a step back in time to the roots of divination with playing cards!? You might know, Divination in public was not always welcome and so people had to get creative. People started using playing cards for divination, pretending it was a game they were playing while actually predicting the future! And you know the Skatkarten, a deck of 32 playing cards which became very famous for fortune telling in Europe and especially in my country Germany. Maybe You have seen some people using them and always asked Yourself, how do they see or read something in cards which are almost all the same?! No pictures, no hidden clues, nothing you can hold on to…? But it t is possible and the cards are so deep in meanings that you do not need images, symbols or a house technique… The Skatkarten have their own specific language, developed in a time, in that fortune tellers had to deal with what they had. These simple cards are showing you the depth of situations and they dive with you directly into this! All over the world playing cards found their places and are used a lot for divination – but what you maybe already know about them, really depends from where you are and what system is used, what language, what dialect is spoken by the cards. Many countries use 54 cards, but the real divination with playing cards in my German Method is with 32 cards! Because you only need 32 cards to cover a life’s situations! I have an example for You: take a look at the picture (these are very old cards & they have told a lot of stories - I really love old cards) In that case a female client wants to know if she and a man, she is really in love with, would have a future together. And if so, if they will be happy. Unfortunately, the cards are telling her, that she won't move on with him for a long time. They might be lucky, and the together is fun and joy, and she might feel that he is her man, but these few cards are already telling her that the relationship will end, even if it looks so positive - and the cards are also showing what is missing in that relationship and who will end this story and why it will be like that ( and it is not because of another woman) Can you imagine that the four cards are able to tell you all that and even more! Skat is so deep and has so much to tell you about your future and life , are you curious? I would like to tell you more about this. Take care, and have a great upcoming weekend, Andreas :) let's read again soon with more facts from the Skat-World! #Skat #cartomancy #playingcards

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