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The World Divination Association Virtual Conference is heating up and some of the speaker titles are in and they are magnificent!

The conference starts at 09:00 GMT+1 on the 30th May and all live sessions are available to replay for the week following! The conference runs for 48 hours straight!! See the gallery of speakers below (and more to be added!).

Check out some of these awesome titles - Can you guess the speaker?

  • Opening Ourselves Up to Learn Effectively with EFT

  • Tarot During Covid-19: Finding Creative Expression

  • Easy Marseille Court Card Techniques

  • How to use cartomancy methods when working with tarot

  • Empowering Your Publishing Journey: Tips to help decide what's best for you!

  • The German Tarot by Frank Glahn

  • Animal Communication Through Lenormand

  • Dance Magic and Tarot

  • Scrying, Lenormand & Divining

  • Lenormand Nobody's Little Sister

  • Secular Seers & Pop Culture Prophets:

  • A Down to Earth Approach to your Tarot Practice

  • Symbolism & History

  • Cultural Representation in Tarot

  • The Comprehensive Tarot Spread - That Reveals All

  • Spiritual Social Media: The Alchemy of a Soulful Business and Brand

  • BAD DUDES, Understanding Power and Authority in Gypsy Cards

  • Create customized casting oracles

  • Tapping for Integration of Learning

  • The Kipper Card GT Run Around

& way way more!


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