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Thoughts on the Justice Card During 2020 and Beyond

The Justice card is one of those cards that can make you scratch your head when it comes up in a reading. After all, how often are we dealing with legal proceedings when we turn to our tarot decks? This blog post aims to deepen our understanding of the Justice card in tarot.

Astrological associations are important to me when it comes to tarot interpretation. As I am writing this post, it is Libra season. This card is associated with Libra. Our understanding of Libra helps to deepen our appreciation of this card. Libra is able to see every side of the coin (not just heads or tails but also each ridge on the edge of the coin). They're able to see not only the coin but how the coin is benefitting or hurting us. Bigger picture? That's them. The fairest outcome? Yep. If you pull this card, it begs the question: Where do you need more balance in your life? Where do you need to stick up for yourself and others? Suppose you pull this card for yourself for general guidance. In that case, it can be an indication to clear out any lingering karma in your energy field. Perhaps it's time to dust off your political beliefs and actually do something about them. I think it can encourage you to enable your inner Libra—when was the last time you did something just for the beauty and appreciation of it?

If this card comes up in a career reading, you are surrounded by a fair and just place, proceeding, or update. If you're curious about the outcome of something, Justice indicates that all is happening for your best and highest good. It may suggest that you need to check over an employment, severance, or non-compete agreement with an attorney. It may also indicate that you take on a lawyer as a client or expand into a field that intersects with the law. In a love reading, this can indicate meeting someone who helps you live an even bigger purpose, or meets you where you're at. It can suggest that who you meet will be a Libra, have Libra placements in their chart, or overall appreciates beauty in the collective and life. Libras can be fickle, and I think the shadow side of the Justice card is no different. Although we see Lady Justice as a moral force, how many times have political beliefs and mere mortals shaped the law? How many times have we indulged ourselves at the cost of others? How many times did we sit quietly in an uncomfortable situation, when we should've spoken up? With elections occurring around the world, with some feeling as scary and intense as ever, the Justice card reminds us to check in with what we believe. To do better about being better. And to try our best to enjoy ourselves while we do it.


This article has been authored by guest blogger Morgan Sverson.

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