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The Deck - WDA Lenormand Summit

Toni Puhle WDA Lenormand Summit Deck

The Lenormand Summit is forming nicely behind the scenes and the overall concept morphed as we worked. It was clear to me that a commemorative deck was needed and I do have a couple of decks that I haven’t released that I thought we could use. Then, the usual magical process began and out of a concept came a brand new deck!

**If you have purchased Tier 3 Admission - Your Commemorative Deck will be being printed this week!!


Rebecca is our Visual Communications and Marketing Manager, she works fiercely behind the scenes to forge a visual concept and identity for the Summit (and all WDA events). The colours were born and ----- well, let me pass the baton to Rebecca to explain!!

When Toni has an idea it goes from 0 – 100 in about 2 seconds, so the design development process has to happen really fast and often evolves at the same time as the overarching event concept.

Artistic inspiration is a lot like reading in a way. It comes from a mix of knowledge and experience and a spark that you can’t exactly define where it came from, yet you just know it. It comes from a place that is undefinable yet within your subconscious, it can be triggered from a memory or an experience at any time. A trigger can transport you to another time in your life and draw something out of your past or your future. This is all part of the magickal experience of our lives. It was in this way that a comment from Dmitry Korolev, recently in the WDA group, transported me at exactly the right moment to when I studied my Bachelor of Fine Arts, the concept that an abstraction can only be successful when the artist truly has knowledge of the original.

WDA Lenormand Summit Commemorative Deck

Initially, the obvious springboard for the Lenormand Summit visual identity was the Lenormand symbols. This began to evolve into their most simplified essence, drawing inspiration from the pure colour and form of the late paper cut-out works of Henri Matisse and a colour palette inspired by a single snapshot of a moment frozen in time.

From this artistic development, it started to become clear that these symbols would be the perfect commemorative deck for a cohesive summit experience. As the deck and summit concept evolved side by side, I started to push these pure abstracted symbols further and further out of their card boundaries.

In much the same way, when we read Lenormand as an ever evolving system, if we start from a place of knowledge and experience, we can take the foundation and push it further and further beyond those boundaries.

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Thank you Rebecca, I always feel suddenly ineloquent after reading your input!

Tradition to modern techniques were my mental “notes” for the conference and how the Lenormand System has evolved from a “one liner” instruction to books full of every keyword imaginable! Tradition evolving into modern, and then it hit. The world is constantly changing, we are constantly evolving and with that change and evolution, we find our new “north” - our new direction. As Lenormand readers, we constantly evolve, perpetual students of our system and our reading style changes over time… a natural evolution.

The WDA Lenormand Summit 2020 Commemorative Deck captures this moment in time, a moment of change, where tradition meets modern and “system” meets “intuitive”. The deck is modern, there are no names, no numbers and no playing card inserts - purely the Lenormand symbols in their most basic forms. A “nod” to the 19th century decks without the card inserts and a reminder in its playful tone, that Lenormand is about the storyline and narrative created by you, the reader, and a gentle aide-memoire that the cards we know and love, began life as a game - parlour entertainment.

The WDA Lenormand Summit Commemorative Deck is shipping this week to ALL TIER 3 Admissions.

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