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Thanks and Gratitude! (FREEBIES!)

It is the time of the year to give thanks and gratitude to you, our most wonderful supporters. It begins for me with the ending of October and gratitude to ancestors past on the 1st November. Today, to all our US friends, Happy Thanksgiving and the perfect opportunity to show our love and appreciation to members around the world.

This year has been an amazing year for the World Divination Association, we have new teachers, new friends and of course three huge conferences! Our first ever conference was held in May, with a focus on divination, over 400 attendees and a magical line up of presenters. In quick succession (doesn't 2020 just seem to be flying by??) we had a Lenormand Summit and a Lenormand Pro weekend back to back. The year has been full of celebration, despite our lockdown circumstances. A time to reach out to one another in true divination community style and form bonds and of course, future working relationships! The WDA Team has grown and we are just enjoying the new energy that brings with it.

The WDA was always created to be a members led organisation, a place where anyone can have input or seek their "crowd" - somewhere to belong, no matter what the personal situations are. We have members spanning the globe and a truly international family. There is always someone around in our groups if you need any form of support!


Personal gratitude from me .....

My first thanks and gratitude goes to the WDA Team Members, our wonderful peeps who really make this happen, Joanne, Lisa, Maria, Rebecca and Steffi - Thank you for your determination that I won't go crazy and for holding the fort on numerous occasions when I nearly did :). Björn, Annette, Brant, Garth, Margaret, Stephen - Thank you for the many years of support, it has been almost 6 years that we have been a team and it couldn't have been done without you! Our Team members who have really jumped in and hit the ground running Andreas, David, Nori, Bob, Birgit - Thank you for becoming amazing team mates and of course, more importantly, friends. Finally, our newest team members, Jane, Sara - Thank you - you have joined a family and you are (and will always be) super appreciated therein! And a special mention to my good friend Helen, who has always been there with every kind of back up required - you are the absolute best and WDA allstar!


Now for our thanks to you - and how you can pay it forward to your friends and family.

We have three ways to show your gratitude:

  1. Free Access for a relative / friend to my Ho'oponopono Course (it is changing lives!).

  2. 40% OFF Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the World Divination Association Christmas Party.

  3. Free Membership for your loved ones for 12 months with the World Divination Association.

You can have them ALL - You do not have to choose just one.


HOW TO CLAIM your #payitforward gratitude items:

FREE HO'OPONOPONO COURSE - Print the following and send to your friends (or share the link)


40% OFF World Divination Association Tier 1 & 2 Big Bang Christmas Party! - Print the following and send to your friends (or share the link) ** VALID FOR 24Hrs ONLY**


FREE 2021 WDA MEMBERSHIP - Print the following and send to your friends (or share the link)


Whatever your style of expressing gratitude, do it often. We always strive to provide all our activities at the lowest possible price, we also #PAYITFORWARD every single week.

Share the above as much as you like with your friends and family and if you ever wish to be a part of the WDA Family, we are always around.

Much love and amazingness to all in this year of absurdity!

If you made it all the way down to the end, I would personally like to thank you for your support!!


Want to join THE Christmas Party of 2020????

Click on the image below and do not forget to use our amazing "friends" coupon above (24 HRS ONLY!)


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