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Symbolism the wheel / sun # 1

One of the most common symbols of our (Indo) European culture is the wheel. This wheel represents the full course of the sun during the year. The pre-Christian, European (pagan) faith is therefore a true solar faith, with the sun and nature sprouting, dying and reviving as the central theme.

Knowledge of the cycles of the sun meant grip and control of life for the ancient (Indo) European peoples. When to harvest and sow? When to, and when not to make long trips?

The sun = life ...

The sun is indispensable (still), but for our ancestors it also had cultic value due to its practical, life-defining value. This gave rise to an authentic world view, idea and symbolism. This symbolism can still be found everywhere today, but modern man no longer dwells on its true background and intention.

Dying and reviving according to a fixed natural and reciprocal cycle is expressed in different ways and by different symbols. The turning and turning points in the north and south are traditionally important turning points (summer and winter). Nature dies in autumn / winter and then revives in spring / summer. Traditionally, these turning points have been celebrated. Nowadays, only the southern turning point is celebrated during the Christmas period by the masses.

The symbolism lives on, but is no longer experienced by most people ...

Björn Meuris


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