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SKAT - small spread vs GT?! What to choose best....?

It's not always easy to choose the right kind of spread to answer the question you want to ask your Skatkarten.

"Should I choose three cards, five - maybe nine? - Or should I take a closer look at all cards in the Skat GT..."

You might ask yourself this question sometimes and there is no need to limit yourself to three cards for a daily spread and a GT only for a six month life situation. You can go with every spread you want to or you can try every spread you like to try out with the cards. Some are taking over spreads from one card system to another - if that makes sense, it will always show you the answer given by the cards.

When we take a closer look at the Skatkarten, I personally use 2 to 5 card spreads or GTs. You can even answer bigger questions with only a few cards - you don't always have to opt for a GT, you can start with a small amount of cards - even if your intention is not to get a daily oracle.

When using the Skatkarten-System there is one important thing to know & to keep in mind: The 32 cards together in a GT perform differently than they do in smaller spreads. If you do a smaller spread with these cards it is absolutely necessary to focus on their core meanings in connection to the context of the question - their meaning will be flexible/ these meanings will be important in a GT too, but the essence of a smaller spread is almost solely determined by the core meanings. On top of these core meanings, you can then add the atmosphere of the spread and the overall statement that the cards are transmitting as a whole.

In a GT the cards will have stronger meanings and will take on different roles. Over time you will see that there are cards that lose power in smaller spreads and gain importance in a GT. Our Ace of Diamonds in traditional Skat Cartomancy is seen as the future card and the card of constancy. In a smaller spread or a daily oracle this card will be much more flexible - from no movement, calmness & silence to patience and the hint of future events in a GT this card will often only take over the role of the time card with its future aspect.

In short, don't hesitate to choose the kind of spread you feel drawn to, but always stick with the context and respect the steps that you have to take in the spread and the importance of card placements. And make a clear distinction between the card's meaning in a smaller spread compared to its meanings and effects in a GT.

Great day to you - take care Andreas :)


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