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September reading - Pick a Vegvisir

Do you want to know what is in store for you for the month of september? Choose your Vegvisir now and read what lies ahead for you this upcoming month.

Take a moment to focus on the 3 Vegvisir in front of you. Take a few deep breaths and allow your intuition to flow, don't rush it. Then choose the one that calls to you.


Vegvisir 1: There are going to be some strong disruptions around you starting out this month as you are feeling that there is a lack of progression or a decline in the areas of your life that you have been putting extra effort into. There is a need to go with the flow with this as it will open up more lines of communication and really allow you to gain insight into situations, which will bring with them a renewed look at the connections within your life. By mid September you are going to be having conversations about which direction you wish to be taking moving forward, this could bring with it some chaos as you are asserting yourself about what will make you happy, but this will bring with it a lot of speed and momentum which will carry you through the end of the month bringing with it opportunities which have the potential to be really successful for you, especially when it comes to forming new connections and relationships. To end the month you may need to really harness all of your patience as you could feel worn out by the events of the month but this pause to catch your breath is really only just that as you then are able to draw upon more ways in which to rapidly make things come to fruition for you.

Vegvisir 2: This month you need to be paying attention to finances especially if it is involving others including family. You could at times be defending others words or even being mindful of the words you are using to prevent breakdowns within relationships occurring. This will allow everything to slow down and really bring more peace to situations with those closest to you. There will be cancellations of plans looking likely as you choose to focus on happiness and the things or people which you love. Rounding off the month you will be feeling more happy with life in general and feeling like things are coming together for you in the ways you hope for. Be mindful though and remember the need to gain clarity and truth as there could be some surprises ending the month as things come to light that you may not think is fair.

Vegvisir 3: For those who chose the 3rd Vegvisir, this month starts out with you feeling extremely unhappy as the chaos and disruption from august spills over. You will feel defensive over the relationships in your life and could well be defending your choices on who is in your life and why. There will be some who will gain more wisdom into why finances are not great or why things are not improving in a tangible way despite all the efforts that you have been making to turn things around. There is a real need not to be overspending during September and really allow yourself to pause and reflect on what it is that brings happiness to your life. Heading towards the end of the month you will find yourself becoming emotionally charged and really wanting to bring new approaches and fresh starts to the forefront and looking less at things from a success or failing perspective and more from the standpoint of knowing you have the ability to to really create change that is positive for you.

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