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Rauhnächte - Set your intention!

The year is coming to a close and Rauhnächte reads are in full swing in the members group, readying ourselves for 2023 and the new energies it presents.

What are the Rauhnächte?

The 12 nights of Christmas (the final 6 nights of 2022 and the first 6 nights of the new year) are said to be the rowdy nights, the nights when the veil is thin and communication with spirit is heightened. The name "Rauhnächte" is disputed in origin, some believe it refers to the smoking of properties (i.e. incense) and others believe it refers to the type of spirit attending and their rowdy energies affecting ours. Whichever belief system we hold, it is a time of preparation for the coming new year, a time at which we consider what has served us well in 2022 versus what we need to change.

How to harness the Rauhnächte to set your intention for 2023?

It is said that the Rauhnächte are the home of the coming year, the time at which our actions determine what kind of year we can expect to receive. The gates of time are open and we can navigate the year before it begins.

Consider your aspirations for the year ahead and sew the seeds for that to manifest NOW!

If you are wanting to expand your career, set the ball in motion now.

If you are wanting to meet the person of your dreams, now is the time to act!

The simple steps to getting the most out of the Rauhnächte:

  1. Each evening light incense and smoke out the rooms of your property.

  2. Lay cards with the Rauhnächte themes (below).

  3. Create noise! Banging drums, loud music, shouting out your intention for 2023.

The main rule for Rauhnächte is to understand that you are shaping your year ahead, casting aside all that has hindered you to move into a brand new year like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

The Rauhnächte Reads:

Each evening corresponds to a month of the year ahead (25th December = January, 26th December = February etc), it is perfectly acceptable to start your reads now and revisit the days we have missed. Each evening also has an animal associated with it and we ask the animals question of the cards to see what we need to leave behind or forge forwards with. Below you will find the questions and the format in which to lay your cards .. join the Members group FOR FREE today if you would like to join in!

Each day you will lay:

  • 3 cards for the month you are predicting.

  • 1 card as an answer to the Rauhnächte animal.

When you have all the advice that Rauhnächte have to offer, set your intention for 2023 and start sowing the seeds of manifestation! The 12 nights of Christmas are the perfect time to blast out the old (using fireworks if needed!) and welcome in the new.

See you in the groups!


Toni Savory, Founder World Divination Association


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