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PRIDE - Meet the Speakers

Divination Pride is right around the corner so it's time to begin to warm up and introduce our wonderful speakers! Check out the index of speakers down below and click to learn more about them!! SCHEDULE (Click here to see the schedule for the weekend) WHY PRIDE (Click to learn more about how the event idea was conceived) TICKETS (Haven't you purchased your tickets yet? Do it now!)

Al Juarez

Alvia Crescens

Andrew McGregor

Beverly Frable Björn Meuris

Brant Williams Chris Butler Christopher Dork Garth Djesi Henson Wongaiham Jane Matthews Jen Sankey Joe Monteleone Kevin Dones Lorraine Contreras Marco Felgueiras María Alviz Hernando Michelle Welch Milo HiisikoloART Mitchell Osborn Pamela Chen Paul Flanagan Rana George Seth Vermeilyea Sifu Devante Love Steven Bright Tom Benjamin Toni Puhle


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