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New Moon Magic & The Lions Gate

Continuing on with our series in New Moon shadow work we enter the New Moon in Leo, a great time to prepare us for the the Lion's Gate conjunction on the 8th of August. Leo season is often a time when big egos come into play. As a fire sign Leo is full of boldness and confidence, this can present as self centered and even narcissistic if you let that fiery attitude run out of control. Using our technique from last month we can use the cards to examine how we may be taking ourselves far to seriously. Asking again what is the head of the matter and what is the heart of the matter.

What is the Lions Gate?

Before we get started though, let's have a quick look at the Lion's Gate configuration. It's getting a lot of attention these days, everyone is raving about it. At its most simple it is an astrological conjunction where Sirius, Orion's belt and the earth align. However, thanks to it's spiritual significance in a number of older cultures such as the Maya and the Egyptians, many people believe it is a sacred time of new beginnings and the start of a new annual cycle.

"Aha!" I hear you cry, "but there are loads of different conjunctions happening through the year that were significant to ancient cultures, why is this different?"

The energy of Leo during this time is pretty intense for starters, it's very noticeable if you look around, I've already seen naturally very insular and gentle people suddenly get quite hot under the collar and entitled in just the last few days since the sun entered Leo. Then of course the numerological significance of the the number 8 is worthy of note, the gate or portal opens on 8/8.

From a positive perspective the number 8 is often associated with abundance, manifestation, self growth and wealth. All great stuff. But, if you tip it on its side you see the infinity symbol seen above the heads of both the Magician and the Strength cards in the Smith Waite deck, so if you've got some powerful ancestral or karmic connections to work through that Leo energy can help you burn through the blockages to allow you to do just that.

Cards Drawn - 9 of Cups & The Hermit

Ask yourself these questions, journal them, meditate upon them, consider them through the lens of a new moon in leo where the focus is on manifestation, success, ego and self development.

Remember: if you aren't working with the cards drawn for you above and want to draw your own then, the first card drawn from the top of the deck is your "head" card and the card drawn from the bottom is your "heart" card. For this month I am using the Stretch Tarot by J.E Stretch.

  1. What is it that I should manifest in the coming month?

  2. What area of self growth needs attention?

  3. How might my ego help achieve my goals?

  4. How might my ego be limiting my goals ?

  5. What karmic connections need to be worked through?

Hope this inspires you, and best wishes for the month ahead.


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