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New Moon Magic

Today is a New Moon in Cancer. I always feel like the new moon gets a bit of a bum deal when it comes to peoples attention, moonlight is very magical, it sheds it's silvery light and with it just a little bit of fairy dust. It's easy to take yourself out of the mundane to work on your divination and manifestation. It can make you feel big and expansive.

Whereas the new moon is the complete opposite, even if the night is clear new moon nights are the darkest of the month, stepping outside can leave you feeling cold and maybe a little alone, as you stare at the stars its easy to feel small and overwhelmed. However, those feelings are what makes it perfect for introversion and reflection. Looking inwards can be a really healthy activity, when we read for clients we are often aware that the client already knows in their heart what an answer is, but for whatever reason they are unable to access that inner answer directly and need guidance to do that.

Shadow work is the key to new moon magic and its something we can all do. A great way is to look at your shadows through the lens of the sign that the new moon is in. This month is cancer so focusing on home, relationships, family, health and nutrition is really powerful work. You can of course make elaborate rituals around your new moon work, candles, incense, flowers on a consecrated working space, special music, time meditating, the possibilities are endless. It doesn't have to be complex though, especially if that kind of thing isn't your bag, you could just sit down with your favorite divination tool and take some time to reflect.

For the coming few months I will be doing a general month ahead prompt for shadow work during the new moon to help you on your way, but of course can then take it further if you wish. I hope it helps x

Working with the New Moon - Instructions

For this month I am using the Light Visions Mini deck by James Eads. The contrast between the dark and the light on the artwork seems perfect for moon magic. Two cards were drawn from the deck the first from the top of the deck which is the "head of the matter", and one from the bottom of the deck which is the "heart of the matter".

Cards Drawn - Page of Pentacles & 8 of Cups

Ask yourself these questions, journal them, meditate upon them, consider them through the lens of a new moon in cancer where the focus is on friends, family and relationships.

  1. What seed it is that I want to plant?

  2. What do I need to develop to allow that seed to grow?

  3. What is obscuring or causing confusing about this goal?

  4. Am I looking at this situation realistically, are things really as they seem?

  5. What can I leave behind or deconstruct to allow me to move forward as the Page?

Much Love

Tara is a professional tarot reader, author and member of the WDA. She blogs on a number platforms and you can find out more about her at


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