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More than "ghosts": Jane Matthews teaches Mediumship.

While I was talking to Jane about her upcoming course on mediumship and what it entails, I realized that I had misunderstood it for quite a long time. Instantly, I began to wonder if there were other people out there who had the same mistaken concept as I did and whether that fear could be keeping them from finding that lovely connection. It was for this reason that I decided to interview Jane once more to hopefully help clarify what mediumship actually is and what it can do for you.

How does mediumship present in your everyday life?

Mediumship is an integral part of my everyday life. I am constantly connected to everything around me and can draw information about anything that is occurring in my day and receive guidance on how best to deal with that from all different sources within my environment be it internally or externally.

There's a widespread misconception that when you begin to delve into mediumship you might open doors that you can't close and invite all sorts of things into your life, what makes people afraid of developing this part of their spirituality. What's your take on that?

For me personally, I feel the biggest misconception is that you are channeling messages from passed over spirit. Yes, that is an aspect of that and an important one at that but for me, mediumship is being open to receiving messages from not just the physical or what you can tangibly see or feel or touch within our lives. It's about being open to receiving messages from birds for example or the wind, anything that you come into contact with or that surrounds you.

I choose to be open throughout most of my day to receive messages but that's not something that has to happen, you choose when you want to or not. Just the way you have the choice if you want to speak on the phone to your friends or family. Sometimes you may want to and others you may not. As for the fear aspect of inviting all sorts of things into your life, I would say that again it is a choice and about boundaries. If you do not want to connect to a specific spirit for example then you state that you will not. Very much the same way again you wouldn't talk or interact with a physical person who you felt was going to cause you distress. It's also about having the confidence to assert those boundaries and trusting in your own ability to do that.

Have you experienced any fears during your journey? How do you deal with that?

I was fearful when I first started to really come into my mediumship and connect more frequently but the fear was more of the unknown and what would happen. When I first began channeling I was fearful of many things but I soon learnt that fear creates fear and in that sense, it became more of a block to growing than the reality of what a beautiful experience it can be.

What brought you to want to teach others to develop their mediumship abilities? How do you plan on doing that in the 16-week course that you are about to start teaching?

I felt drawn to teaching mediumship as I have really found it invaluable to my own personal growth in myself, it has helped me learn things that I would never have been able to otherwise, it has helped me understand the connectedness of everything around me in a whole different way, it has allowed me to help others too at times when they really needed it the most.

In the 16 week course, I am able to mentor and really help anyone taking the course to understand and grow safely and to be able to ask any questions as they are practising and opening up to their mediumship abilities. I also do a video call one-to-one every four weeks to really help gain confidence and give more personalised support.

How can this program help your students develop their skills? Should they go in with any expectation as to where will they be when it finishes? Any prior experience? The course is aimed at beginners and there are 5 lessons looking at 4 different clairs and then the final lesson shows how combining everything together gets clear accurate messages that then you are confident at passing on or accepting for yourself. It's about gaining the confidence and also the awareness of just exactly how many different ways a message can come from lots of different sources around you which then all add layers to what it is being told in relation to what you are asking.

If I asked you why should one develop their mediumship skills, what would you say?

I think the beauty of it for me is that knowing that you are not alone, even more than that is the extent to which I have experienced life changes since I became more open to receiving messages and guidance from the universe. My life literally did change and I can honestly say for the better. That is the one reason why I would recommend building on your mediumship to anyone.

Well, it looks that in the end, there's more than sometimes seeing dead people in the world of mediumship! I must admit that I was sold on the course just with that, but definitely knowing that there's so much more about it has made it all the more interesting! So if you want to develop your mediumship skills too, run and enroll now in the LIVE Mediumship Training Course and, if you're feeling intrepid and would rather do it at home, try the self-paced version of the course here.


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