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Messages from the Other Side - November Pick a Read

This month's pick a read brings messages from the other side on to show you what you need to be focusing on in November.

Look at the images below and allow yourself to be drawn to one before heading to that image and read what messages spirit has regarding your focuses in November.


The Skull

For those who were drawn to the skull - November is all about you and harnessing your self sufficiency. You are ready to really be steering your own course in matters where you have felt controlled before. The cycle is closing out and you should be ready to step up with your head held high, knowing everything that you are capable of. You are in control of your own destiny and the cycles that occur within that. Finalise what is needed and prepare to embrace the newness that is about to enter into your life.

The Doll

For those who choose the doll - November's focus should be all about letting go. There are things which need to be cut out in order for you to really look forward and prepare for what lies ahead. Remember this month, not everything has to fall onto your shoulders to carry. Lighten your load and start letting go of what is no longer serving you. Look forwards, stop looking at past pains and let go of what has held you down.

The Tree

If you were drawn to the tree - The time for waiting is now coming to an end. Focus on changing your perceptions and look at different ways of how things can be done. There is more than one way to skin a cat so the saying goes. See what other ways things can be approached and then buckle up as everything takes off for you. There are lots of opportunities that are going to be presented this month, you really need to look at all the ways it can be done before dismissing any of them.

The House

The focus for November for those who were drawn to the house - November is about conquering those fears that arise up within you. There are things which others may have said to you in the past which has led you into feeling negative and lowering your confidence. You have the ability this month to really discern between what is you from what has been projected onto you by others. Break free of those constructs which are holding you back within yourself and rid yourself of any negative thoughts, patterns or behaviours.

The Moon

Finally for those who were drawn to the moon - November is all about you, conquering the fears of starting something new or trying something new. You need to remember that you have the maturity and the ability to really grow and change this month. Look at what is making you question what it is you are being offered, detach the emotions and look at if the fear of making this decision is exactly that (a fear) or is there something else making you hold yourself back from the newness beckoning you. Leaps of faith are exactly that and believing in yourself and what it is you are wanting to do is the first step in releasing fear and confusion.


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