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Meet the WDA Team!

The World Divination Team has been working together providing quality content for the divination world since 2014. I fondly refer to the team as the WDA Allstars, because they incorporate everything that makes the divination world incredible. Years of study under their belts, dedication to their chosen tool and elbow grease to provide courses, events, and mentoring at reasonable prices for the international audience. The WDA Team are simply ALLSTARS.




Founder, World Divination Association

Toni lives, breathes and sleeps divination. Author of The Card Geek's Guide to Kipper, you can find Toni all over social media sharing her knowledge of Kipper, Lenormand, Gypsy Cards, Tarot, Pendulum Dowsing and so much more. An avid Marvel fan and a contributor with The Cartomancer, and Esotoracle. Add International teacher, speaker and event Organiser and you have a few of Toni's passions combined.

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Björn Meuris is the Co-Founder of World Divination Association as well as the author of Le Petit Lenormand Encyclopedia Vol. I, II & III. He is an author, speaker and researcher in the field of symbolism, Indo-European mythology, rituals, initiations and folklore. Join Björn's courses HERE . Buy Björn's books HERE



Membership Manager

Joanne has been at Toni's side in the Cartomancy World well before the World Lenormand Association was founded in 2015. Joanne is an avid reader and a perpetual student of systems. If you have any questions on the WDA or indeed the Membership and Endorsement benefits let Joanne know! In addition to her WDA duties, Joanne is also an Endorsed Reader in multiple systems, her favourite being La Vera Sibilla. Find Joanne in the MEMBERS GROUP



Endorsed Reader Manager

Steffi has been studying Kipper for many years, absorbing all source material on this very honest system. Bilingual English / German and therefore have the best of both worlds when it comes to learning a system that dates back to 19th Century Bavaria! My mum gifted me my first Tarot Deck and I have been a closet reader ever since. Lenormand came into my life 5 years ago adding to my cartomancy toolbox. Join Steffi on the Endorsed Reader program Today: JOIN



Teacher & Mentor

Maria Alviz Hernando is a Tarot and Lenormand reader and mentor, and a devout crazy cat lady with the mouth of a sailor! Owner of The Sibyl’s Tarot, proud WDA teacher, reader and member and with a taste for exploring unusual topics such as sex and death through divination. - Learn more about Maria Alviz Hernando at Join Maria on her courses HERE



Admin & Mentor

Annette's journey began a long time ago with her first spirit visitation when 5 years old. Since then it has been a whirlwind journey of clairsentient experiences, cards, and spirits with the wandering stopping in 2004 when she ended up in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and here, found her belonging. The old magic that lives in these mountains provide a grounding she's not experienced elsewhere. More about Annette



Mentor & Admin

Jasna has been at Toni's side before the World Lenormand Association was founded. Jasna has an ability to make any nervous reader feel at home, adept at building the confidence of those who need it. An Endorsed Reader in multiple systems, her favourite being Gypsy Cards.  She also has a passion for Ogham and Runes. Mentoring is a passion and Jasna loves to help others on their journey. Jasna is forever learning and honing her craft and speaks English, Croatian, Serbian and Montenegrin.

Join Jasna Clara in the members group





Teacher & Mentor

Predictive Cartomancer with a focus on reading the 52-card Poker deck and La Vera Sibilla. Author of Art of Cartomancy blog. David was raised in an Italian-American family where divination was a part of everyday life. His paternal grandmother read playing cards, coffee grounds and the crystal ball. David has a passion for all forms of Cartomancy including La Vera Sibilla, Lenormand, Oracle Belline, and Pages of Shustah. Join David's COURSES



Teacher & Admin

Brant Williams is a Gypsy Cards teacher and reader. For a good part of his life, he developed his reading skills on his own as a self-taught intuitive reader, until he took an interest in the traditional techniques of European divination, when he found that there was way more to explore! - Learn more about Brant Williams at



Teacher & Head Witch

Nori is Co-producer, co-creator, and co-anchor of WitchSpace podcast. Born, and raised pagan, in New York City, Nori delved into Wicca about 30 years ago. She considers herself an eclectic witch incorporating teachings from her culture and experiences into her practice. Nori is a literature teacher by profession, no surprise then that part of the podcast is devoted to taking a critical look at Witchcraft books and the present trends in the craft. Find Nori's Courses HERE



Teacher & Admin

Garth Tardy was born and raised in Northern Maine and has Masters degrees in Slavic Literature and Linguistics and in Library Science. He currently works as a librarian at the University of Missouri Kansas City where he’s the “Special Formats Cataloger, specializing in sound recordings. He’s long had an interest in divination of all forms and reads Kipper Cards (BKRM Pro Reader), Loteria cards, and the Bones. He’s been reading Bones for about 2 years. ​

Join Garth and his Bone Readings or Loteria readings:



Teacher & Mentor

Master Lenormand Reader, Teacher and expert on Le Petit Cartomancien. Bob has been on a spiritual path for close to 50 yrs. He learned to read Tarot cards (Rider-Waite) thirty five years ago when in the U.S Navy. A captive audience of shipmates were amazed at what the cards could tell them. Bob read with the Crowley Thoth Tarot professionally for several decades, and also used an oracle called the Way of Cartouche. The latter is sadly out of print, it is a fascinating tool to work with. Learn more about Bob Decker


Jane Matthews

Teacher & Mentor

Jane is a Tarot Certified Reader, Medium and Reiki Master.

Jane is a natural medium and offers tarot readings through connection with divine in an empathic manner. Jane also teaches Reiki, Spiritual Development and is a mentor for many on their spiritual journey. Follow Jane On her Facebook Page or book a reading today:


Andreas Nostra Dahm​ Lenormand

Q&A reading techniques exposed

Andreas Nostra Dahm follows a tradition of card readers: From an early age he learned to live with the rules of the spirit world and he was taught to pass on the messages the cards were giving. Reading cards from 15yrs old, looking at upcoming events and unraveling the secrets of the future. Andreas is adept in many systems and traditional divination methods, leading him to read for clients worldwide & in the media and TV. Join Andreas' course.




Birgit studies and teaches Astrology, in particular Horary Astrology and underwent a 2-year education program with John Frawley (London). In addition to Horary Astrology Birgit reads Kipper Cards, Lenormand and more! Horary Astrology was always an important pillar in divination besides Lenormand for me. It is quick and clear. Just amazing!! Enrol in Birgit's courses HERE




Dmitry is an English teacher and theatre director. Living most of his life in the Southern Russia, he came into contact with its colourful divinatory traditions via his cards and coffee grounds-reading grandmother – as well as a plethora of witchy friends he’s had since early childhood. Dmitry’s interests include classical cartomancy, various international methods of fortune-telling, the history of witchcraft, and annoying people with his gym-related talk. Dmitry's Courses HERE




Mitchell is a psychic medium who uses his abilities as a tarot card reader, mindfulness transformation coach & animal communicator. He’s been studying all things metaphysical since 1999 & has presented on the main-stage at Readers Studio in NYC and teaches other metaphysical classes in the Orlando, Fl area & online. He uses modalities such as EFT, EMT (eye movement therapy), NLP & hypnosis in his mindfulness transformation sessions with his clients.

Mitchell's Courses HERE




Emma Johnson MCMA is an energy therapist who has worked with several different methods throughout the years. From a Reiki practitioner to a fully qualified Master Practitioner of EFT, Emma has mastered the art of using energy to support and heal. On top of all of that Toni & Emma have been partners in crime for over 20 years! - Join Emma's course HERE



Teacher & Admin

I bought my first tarot deck when I was 13 and still have my beloved Mythic Tarot. I was introduced to Lenormand around 4 years ago and initially found it a bit alien as I was used to the imagery of tarot. Not anymore. I am a total convert to Lenormand and mixed with my love of Tarot I have the perfect toolbox for my reading life. To add to the mix Helen & Toni have been a strong force for over 25 years! Join Helen in the WDA Tarot Group




We hold events all year round, from "live" shows in the WDA Members group on Facebook to International virtual conferences with an emphasis on divination - here are some of the amazing speakers that have made our events a truly magnificent affair! The speaker images below are only a portion!

Join our WDA Allstars in our groups on Facebook and through our courses:


Bretta Rorie
Bretta Rorie
Sep 06, 2020

We have an awesome team!


Mitchell Osborn
Mitchell Osborn
Sep 06, 2020


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