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Meet The Speakers! Mind blown ....

ONLY 16 Days and the speaker line up is finalised! This is the third WDA conference in 2020 and we are going to blast December into party mode - no matter what your celebration is at year end - let's throw some dynamite into 2020 to get rid of any stale energy and walk into 2021 like the winners we are!

I put this blog together as an informal bio for people you cannot capture in a few lines!



The Speakers (listed in first name alphabetical order!)

The schedule is available at the bottom of this blog or for download: HERE


Alison Cross​

Meeting your Tarot Court Card Guardian for 2021

Alison Cross is a Tarot reader and writer, describing herself as a Court Card Adventurer. While many readers struggle to fully understand the Tarot Court, Alison is at home with these 16 figures! She’s the author of “A Year in the Wildwoods” and “Tarot Kaizen”. - Learn more about Alison at


Alison DeNicola

Manifesting through the Chakras

Alison DeNicola is a yoga teacher and practitioner certified in multiple modalities; Five Element Yoga Teacher, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher, Aromayoga Teacher and Therapeutic Restorative Yoga Teacher. - Learn more about Alison DeNicola at


Amy & Monte Farber

Quantum Affirmations

Amy Zerner and Monte Farber are the world’s foremost designers of interactive spiritual inner-guidance systems. Since1988 their creations have helped millions of people around the world in eighteen languages get in touch with their Higher Self as they learned astrology, tarot card reading and numerous other ancient wisdom teachings which Zerner and Farber have updated for the 21st Century. Some of their bestselling titles are: The Enchanted Tarot, Karma Cards, The Creativity Oracle, The Chakra Meditation Kit, Little Reminders: Law of Attraction, Astrology for Wellness, The Enchanted Love Tarot, Enchanted Spellboard, Sun Sign Secrets, Instant Tarot, Quantum Affirmations, The Soulmate Path, The Psychic Circle and Signs & Seasons: An Astrology Cookbook. Visit their websites, and


Andreas Nostra Dahm​

"Traditional New Year's Eve Oracle" - how to deal with negative predictions

Andreas Nostra Dahm follows a tradition of card readers: From an early age he learned to live with the rules of the spirit world and he was taught to pass on the messages the cards were giving. He has read cards since he was 15, looking at upcoming events and unraveling the secrets of the future. He has been working with different decks of cards and traditional divination methods for 25 years. Throughout the years, this has lead him to reading for clients worldwide and create a presence in the media and TV. Learn more about Andreas at


Andrew Kyle McGregor​


Andrew McGregor is the owner of The Hermit’s Lamp. He has helped thousands of people through reading the tarot. Reading the cards is his thing, his super power, and his passion. It is the tool he uses to help people build the life they want to lead. When he reads the cards for people, he helps them understand who they are, what they need to do to enjoy their lives and be successful.  - Learn more about Andrew McGregor at


Arwen Lynch Poe

Witching Your Way Into The New Year

Hi, I'm Arwen, the Professional Joy Seeker. I'm also a psychic Tarot reader who sometimes talks to the dead. I know, right? I am the past president of the American Tarot Association (2007-2014) as well as the past owner of The Cartomancer magazine. I follow the Wiccan path. My clientele includes people from all walks of life including LBGTQIA, polyamorous, BDSM, and most everyone else. I am politically liberal. Among my hats, I'm the author of many decks including the Fairy Tale Lenormand , Secrets of the Mystic Grove, Elle Qui Oracle, Field Guide to Garden Dragons & more.


Ben DeValve

Manifestation Through Evocation: Creating Your Ideal World Through Goetic Magick

Ben is a lifelong student of the occult mysteries and has nearly two decades of experience working with the Ars Goetia. His regular practice includes Western Ceremonial Magick, Thelema, and Southern American Hoodoo. Ben Designs all of the ceremonial tools that Goetic Impressions offers, drawing on his experience working in these traditions to create quality ritual items that accurately reflect the intent of the original grimoires Ben's Etsy Store:


Tom Benjamin

Year Ahead Spreads You'll Actually Act On

Tom Benjamin is the author of Tarot on Earth and host of a popular YouTube channel, where he shares tips and techniques in his down-to-earth and slightly snarky style. He's been slinging cards for 20 years and in that time has also made a career out of designing engaging, memorable learning programs that help people get results. A teacher at heart, he also offers online readings that aim for practicality and precision while making sense out of our weird lives.


Beverly Frable

Ogham and the Magik of Trees

Beverly Frable is a lifelong student of all forms of divination, often combining two or more tools to gain deeper insights. As a professional tarot consultant, Beverly has enhanced her skills researching the insights offered by such luminaries as Camelia Elias, Rachel Pollack, Mary K. Greer, Enrique Enriquez, Rana George, Carrie Paris and many other renowned divination experts. Her most recent passion: Ogham stick divination, a topic she’ll be covering during the WDA’s Big Bang event! Email


Björn Meuris​

Hypnosis & The Wheel

Björn Meuris is the Co-Founder of World Divination Association as well as the author of Le Petit Lenormand Encyclopedia Vol. I & II. He is an author, speaker and researcher in the field of symbolism, Indo-European mythology, rituals, initiations and folklore. - Learn more about Björn Meuris at


Brant Williams​

Spirit Allies: Forming relationships with spirits to manifest your desires

Brant Williams is a Gypsy Cards teacher and reader. For a good part of his life, he developed his reading skills on his own as a self-taught intuitive reader, until he took an interest in the traditional techniques of European divination, when he found that there was way more to explore! - Learn more abour Brant Williams at


Brian Cormack Carr​

From Insight to Action: Tarot the Coaching Tool

Brian Cormack Carr is a writer, coach, and leadership consultant. He specialises in facilitating others to find empowering ways to live and lead with greater purpose and clarity. Author of the Amazon bestselling self-help guides How to Find Your Vital Vocation & Real Food Revival Plan, creator and host of the popular video teaching series Tarot to the Nines.


Calley Nelson​

Mapping Your Creative Timeline Calley Nelson (Extraordinary Tarot) is a multi-disciplinary artist with a trauma sensitive approach to co-exploration, divination and seeking clarity through Tarot's archetypes and imagery. A graduate student at Columbia University's Spirituality Mind and Body Institute, Calley has read Tarot at events for companies including Nike, HBO, Square and Pinterest, and has been reading Tarot for over 10 years. Currently based in Brooklyn, Calley is available for virtual events, readings and intuitive Tarot lessons.


Christopher R McClure​

Pennsylvania Dutch Pow Wow : It's roots and practices

Christopher McClure has been director of RedFeather Mind, Body, Spirit, a leading publisher of divination and metaphysical titles, for over three years and with its parent company Schiffer Publishing for over nine. He is an an active part of the metaphysical industry both personally and professionally. Christopher currently serves as vice president of the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR), is the author of the award winning spiritually themed children’s book The Legend of Papa Balloon, and actively researches Pennsylvania German folk traditions.


Debra Zachau

Meet your Rainmakers!

I have been helping people live their best lives for over 30 years. I have been blessed with an amazing gift. After meditating and slowing my mind I am able to connect with your energy then see and understand things that are happening in your life that you may not be able to articulate. Once we are able to clearly understand the problem together...path options appear to me. It has been my experience that this method brings about the fastest results to what ever is troubling you.


Dorian Broadway​

Sorcery of the Dearly Departed

A practitioner of the cunning folk ways with an emphasis in fortune telling, folk herbalism, necromancy, and traditional expressions of both witchcraft and southern United States conjure. Card reading and folk magic services can be found through his website