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Mediumship with Jane Matthews

Today I’m bringing you an interview to Jane Matthews, Tarot reader and Medium. She’s recently joined us in the WDA and her fantastic work as a reader is shining already! Keep reading to learn more about her work and her story as we discuss her journey as a medium.

M.A. - Welcome Jane! And thanks a lot for collaborating with the interview! Mediumship is a fascinating subject that some fear and / or misunderstand, while for others it’s just a part of their lives as natural as eating. How is your life different as a medium?

J.M. - For me I find that life is more colourful, I see the layers and the textures of everything around me and feel more connected not just to myself but all things. I found it unnerving at first as I only knew one person who had mediumship and she was really freaked out by the different ways it was coming through with me and also the intensity of it. It just had to become something I had to let go any fear of and relax into as I found the more I fought it the more intense were the experiences I was having.

M.A. - How did you first find that you’re a medium? Did you encounter any challenges incorporating it into your life?

J.M. - My first experience of it was in March this year when I was visiting my cousin who lived across the road from me. I heard a female voice in my head tell me that I had to go home and that it was time. I actually paid attention and did go home, when I entered into my flat I heard a cuckoo clock and then felt like my legs were planted to the ground and this surge came into me that was so strong I felt like if I wasn't so rooted to the floor I would have been stumbling backwards. A few moments after that I started having visions of things, such as my grandfather who passed away when I was 2 years old. I saw him rocking me as a baby in his arms, I saw lots of spirit animals moving around me, and also I saw the hands of Jesus open up and doves fly out of his hands as well as angels. I began feeling spirit around me strongly after that.

M.A. - What is the role that it plays in your spiritual life? Has it had an impact on your spirituality or has it acted as a gateway for further development in this area?

J.M. - It has massively impacted upon my spiritual practices, I connect to my guides and Uriel whenever I am needing clarity or guidance with any struggle, I allow them to show me the way if I am uncertain of where I need to go. I had stopped praying many years before and for me it showed me the importance of faith, both having it and having a need to practise it more also.

M.A. What about divination? How does mediumship blend with your divinatory practices?

J.M. - I connect with my guides, spirit animals, and AA Uriel whilst I do any kind of divination so that I can provide people with the validation and hope for moving forward that they struggle to find for themselves. I find it allows me to see beyond what the cards show me a lot of the time. I can feel the pains and struggles a person is going through, I can connect at times with their passed over loved ones and describe who they are to the individual and the personality traits and sometimes messages although it's not always that they come forward with those.

M.A. - What would you say is the highlight of mediumship?

J.M. - Connecting to spirit in general and seeing insight into things I wouldn't normally be able to have, also in that sense I find it a privilege as I am validating that our loved ones that have passed over are not lost, they are still around its just on a different level to the one that most people normally experience. That there is more after death. As well as being able to help individuals who are wanting to progress on their spiritual journey by identifying blockages they have within themselves so that they can overcome them and grow also. It gives people hope when they are feeling like there may be none, to be able to channel and give that is a blessing.

M.A. - What would you advise to those who might be hesitant or scared to develop a relationship with the spirit world? Any tips?

J.M. - Have trust, in your guides and in yourself what you are feeling. Do the inner work that is required to really be able to tap into your abilities without fear or ego and with that will come strength. It is that inner strength that will really assist you in your growth and help you feel safe within your relationship with spirit.

M.A. - Thank you Jane for sharing a bit of your experience with us! It's a pleasure to have you around!


Jane Matthews has been interviewed for this post! You can hang out with Jane and other like-minded peers in our Members Group on Facebook! Do you want a reading with Jane? Check out her page The Little Warlock and enjoy her talent!

Brought to you by Maria Alviz Hernando, WDA Tarot Teacher, and Blog Coordinator.

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