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May Day Pick a Read

We are now into the month of May. If you are looking to understand what could be happening for you as well as harnessing the power of a sigil created specifically for this purpose then sit back, relax and take a few deep breaths. Look at the cards below and choose one which you are drawn to - then scroll down to see what is instore and what sigil will help with this during the month of May!

The word sigil translated from the latin word Sigillum which means seal. They have a purpose to harness specific energies and aid in creating change on all levels, for all purposes. So without further ado, let's look at what May is holding for us and what can be drawn upon to help us.




Pile One

For those who were drawn to pile one: This month you will be drawn to understanding the undercurrents of situations around you which are causing any problems or issues. By seeing things clearly for how they are (even where you yourself are causing those issues either consciously or subconsciously) you will then be able to really move forward as those behaviours or mindsets are blocked which in turn will provide more balance and any influences upon you which are not beneficial to you will fall away and empower you to create positive change without those negative aspects influencing you.


Pile Two

For those who were drawn to pile two: This month you will be looking to really bring success to your endeavours. Whether this is at work or around the home, you are able to create a turnaround and bring a sense of achievement in all that is accomplished this month. There is a need to take a look at things with a different perspective and this in itself will allow you to see the ways in which improvement can be gained, and from that success in what you are wanting to achieve. This will break any stalemate that you may have been feeling of late, allowing you to really utilise this new perspective. It will also allow you to see that the situations you face may not be exhausted and that there are tangible ways to complete something without the feelings of not being able to move forward or complete anything you may be struggling to do.


Pile Three

Finally for those drawn to pile three: You will be needing to really allow your higher self to guide you during this month as you are increasingly recognising what you are worth and looking to remove any thoughts of self doubt, low confidence, and also feeling less triggered by things which could be occurring around you. This will really facilitate you getting onto the right track with anything and really bring a direction to you (especially if you have been feeling a little lost or overwhelmed). This month you will be doing things for you which are the best for you and any doubts of your capabilities will dissipate as you take the correct approaches to anything this month, even if the decisions you may need to make are difficult.

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