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Manifesting the perfect world for you! (Schedule)

We are so excited as we hit the 19 days countdown for the World Divination Association Big Bang Manifestation conference. The line up is STELLAR! With over 40 international speakers in the world of Divination / Witchcraft / Energy Workers!

All your favourite people from the world of Divination will be there - and they will be bringing tips and tricks and even helping you manifest on the day! We will plant a seed that releases in 2021 with whatever you wish for:

🧿A new direction


💜Relationship success


It is all available to you with the help of our speakers:

Each workshop is tailor made to blast 2020 into the realms of "over and done with" and welcome 2021 in with a seed planted by you for the manifestation you really desire.

Life can be what you want it to be - this is your chance to be supported in your manifestation dreams.

In addition, for our diviners, you will have access (at Tier 2 and 3) to an exclusive course on cartomantic manifestation and learn how to use practical systems to complete your manifestations! We really are leaving no corner uncovered! It is your chance to really push 2021 into the quantum realms of possibility and chart your path into a cohesive journey, one full of potential and possibilities. Watch the opportunities roll in as you open your mind and consciousness to an existence you did not quite expect!

What do you get? (Click on the image for a larger view)

So that is it my friends, 2021 (and the rest of your life) is in your hands. You can choose what you allow in, allow the universe to grow the seed that we plant together on the 5th & 6th December.

See you there :)

Much love on your manifestation journey <3


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