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Lenormand Summit - Early Bird!

Have you heard the news? The FIRST EVER World Divination Association Lenormand Summit will hit your screens on the 15th & 16th August!

20+ International Lenormand Speakers

48+ Hours of pure Lenormand focus

3 Tier Admission - to find the right one for you!

We even have a commemorative deck for Tier 3 tickets

(and no it will not be on sale otherwise!!).

If you attended the WDA Virtual Conference in May 2020 you will know exactly what is in store for you, but this time with a focus on the Lenormand Deck (big and small!).

Talks include:

  • Lenormand Game of Hope 6 x 6 GT Milestones with Toni Puhle

  • Symbolism in the Lenormand Deck with Björn Meuris

  • Detection, using a Grand Tableau with Rana George

  • Positive versus Negative GT with Mary K Greer

  • Incorrect Lenormand with Ferol Humphrey

  • Modern Lenormand, evolving from Tradition with Alexandre Musruck

  • Psychic Investigation with Tina Hardt

  • Triple Lenormand - GT + Houses + Charms with Tasha Lee

  • Le Grand Jeu Lenormand - The BIG Bro comes to town with Andreas Nostra Dahm

  • Tarot like Lenormand with Maria Alviz Hernando

  • Lenormand 5 Card Excellence with Brant Williams

  • Lenormand & Kipper Mix GT with Toni Puhle

  • Lenormand keeping Tarot in Order with Jamie Sawyer

  • Timing with your GT

  • Cartomantic Techniques in the 8 x 8 + 4

  • Scrying with the Lenormand GT


Not enough for you? We will also be having giveaways, breakout sessions, and a private after-party!!


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