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Lenormand PRO Pop - Up Weekend!

Are you ready for a one-off pop-up weekend aimed at you being a PRO Lenormand Reader? The World Divination Association are proud to announce the first Pop-Up weekend with a focus on nudging students into professional reading status.

Level up your skills with a private weekend on the 3rd & 4th October 2020


Bust your blockages

We will get down to the basics of what is holding you back being confident with your Lenormand abilities and accurately predicting. Four workshops made with the reader in mind, whether you have just started your path, or are struggling to put your toe into professional reading life - this is the perfect opportunity to be the best reader you can possibly be. Remove all of your doubts - read the workshops below and decide if it is Tier 1 (workshops) or Tier 2 (workshops + personalised analysis and one on one sessions).

Pro Lenormand Analysis

The weekend is set up to run through a series of workshops based around your abilities. Everything you need to be sure you can provide the best Lenormand read for your client. At Tier 2 level you will receive a personalised weekend, including a reading analysis of your current status, a one on one session via google meet and an extra workshop focused on Tier 2 weaknesses and how you can conquer your own personal issues.

What is in it for you?



Are you ready?


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