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Lenormand PRO - A Game Changer Weekend

Ah autumn! Season of mists, mellow fruitfulness ... and going back to school! If you're anything like the team at the World Divination Association, you love learning new divination skills, and next month the WDA has got the PERFECT virtual event for you if you are a Lenormand reader who wants to learn MORE!

Over the weekend of 3 and 4 October, you can join Toni Puhle, founder of the World Divination Association for a unique on-line Lenormand weekend.

From the comfort of your own home attend the Lenormand Boot Camp - tailor-made to suit YOUR needs and propel you into 2021 with a whole host of new skills and confidence in your Lenormand work – it's time to level-up your game!

The event has two access Tiers (both with video access to the sessions after the weekend is over) so choose the one that best suits your needs and your pocket:

Tier 1: $59.00

We will drill down into the basics of what is holding you back from being confident in your Lenormand abilities and your predicting skills. There are FOUR workshops in this Tier so whether you are just starting on the Lenormand reading path or considering dipping your toes into the professional reading life, Tier 1 is the perfect opportunity to stretch into being the best reader you can be.

Workshop 1 STOP FIGHTING: Begin by identifying the blockages that we have when interpreting Lenormand. With years of experience tutoring Lenormand Readers around the globe, Toni has seen every false step that creates blockages for the reader. Now is the time to conquer those blockages!

Workshop 2 START LISTENING: This workshop has been designed to enable the reader to identify – and confidently interpret – every Lenormand theme. By listening to the spread's most important influences, begin to open yourself to more possibilities in your Lenormand readings with confidence.

Workshop 3 HAVE FUN: Toni says: 'You want to be the best reader available for your clientele? It is time to become a reading ninja and conquer the art of the two-second analysis. Heading back to the roots of reading and the love of your system. We will work on the fun factor within your reads that will wow.'

Workshop 4 BECOME PRO: This session covers everything you need to know about working as a professional Lenormand reader. Not only will we cover basics like how much to charge, how much to say, how long a session should last etc, but you will also discover the steps needed to give your clients the best Lenormand reading experience.

Tier 2: $199.00

If you are serious about your Lenormand study and really want to amplify your skills, then consider Tier 2. This level ensures a highly personalized weekend event – All the goodies of Tier 1, of course, but Tier 2 includes three additional sessions AND a Professional Reader Certificate.

Workshop 5: Work directly with Toni in the days leading up to the weekend by providing some sample Lenormand readings for her to consider and make notes on for you.

Toni will tailor-make a group workshop for the Tier 2 attendees, based on her observations from those submitted readings. Hang out with people who are as dedicated and determined as you to work at a polished and professional level in their Lenormand work.

On Sunday, 4th October, you will have your own 1-on-1 session with Toni via Google Meet to discuss your current reading status and Toni will advise exactly what you need to do to constructively stand by your reads and become a confident and professional reader.

PLUS you will receive your World Divination Association Professional Lenormand Reader Certificate!

With this amount of personalized input, the Tier 2 weekend is very limited in its availability – when the places are gone, that's them gone! There will be no more spots, no more spaces will be released.

Are you ready?

Find out more HERE!


This post has been brought to you by Maria Alviz Hernando, WDA Tarot Teacher and Blog Coordinator. With the collaboration of Alison Cross, AKA the Court Card Adventurer.


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