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Lenormand - Game of Hope

We are hotting up for the biggest Lenormand event of the century - The WDA 2020 Lenormand Summit on the 15th & 16th August and I thought I would take a little time out to discuss what we will be learning and why!

Firstly, if you are not a proficient Lenormand reader or even a total noob - DON'T WORRY - you will be so full of Lenormand by the end of the weekend, you will be armed with a tool belt of information to start with!

DID YOU KNOW WE HAVE RELEASED A SPECIAL COURSE AT ONLY 15$ TO SUMMIT ATTENDEES?? CHECK THIS OUT - if you sign up today for the Lenormand Summit - you get a Game of Hope Course for only 15$ extra!

The WDA Lenormand Summit is aimed at all readers, whether you have picked up a Lenormand deck or not, it is to whet your appetite for the system and for proficient readers, to enrich your readings by finding your own personal direction. The teachers will walk you through from the humble beginnings in Coffee Grounds, through to the Game of Hope in the 18th century and the Petit Lenormand decks of the 19th Century right up to present day and more modern approaches to the system. If you have found you haven't "clicked" with the 36 card deck, then maybe it is time to see what other ways you can approach the Lenormand language!

We have traditionalist and modern readers all on one weekend, we even have traditionalist who have become more modern style readers ... all our teachers have found one thing in common ... a way to read and teach the Lenormand System that they will argue is the best!

Every single teacher (we have over 20!) will stand up for their approach to the system, every single one of them will provide you with a way forward with your Lenormand deck - even experienced Lenormand readers will come away from the weekend with something learned.

Learn how the Game of Hope Techniques can influence your reads, learn how the history of Lenormand can form a foundation for your readings and learn how to MAKE LENORMAND YOURS!

The weekend consists of:

  • 48 Hours of Lenormand *Lives*

  • 20+ Speakers

  • 200+ Attendees

  • Facebook group Lives

  • Breakout Sessions

  • Raffle

  • Exclusive Speaker content at Tier 3

  • Exclusive Deck at Tier 3

All you need is a Facebook profile and off you go!

Looking forward to seeing you on the 15th August!


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