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Learn about Sigils and Binds

Sigils have long been used to harness energies and create magic in which circumstances can be changed and more positive outcomes achieved. They can be made for almost every situation where a person may require assistance and they have a strength within them which should not be underestimated.

I have been creating binds, bringing positive change and helping individuals achieve personal success in many challenging areas for some time. I channelled my own sigils to use to create binds which are the ones that I use still to really make a difference to the lives of others around me as well as within my own life.

I have made them for many different life areas, the most common being success within the workplace or finances, to gain discipline in self to be able to approach things in life with the right mindset and also to keep going and not to give up, even ones to improve performance at certain events or projects that they are undertaking at that time.

I use my sigils to draw the correct energies in, to block certain energies being able to cause a negative effect ( as well as halting the effect taking place at that time) and to harness every aspect of change a person is needing which they discuss with me. When creating them, I make sure that my energy is at its optimum so that everything is right when creating and allowing things to be harnessed correctly.

My only stipulation when I do create binds with my sigils is that they are not used for the detriment of others - for example to bring an ex love back or any kind of scenario where the values could be questioned and if it goes against my ethics such as creating any kind of bind against another's will. Those are the kind of things that I will never create a bind for.

Because of the success of the binds that I have created, along with the interest in others wanting to know how to create them for themselves. I am running a workshop on September 29th, teaching how to create the binds you may need within your life using my sigils which have been effective and created immediate change for others. I will be taking everyone step by step through the process and showing how it is done and also the methods which really bring more enhancement to the bind creating process.

Creating positive change is something I feel very strongly about and I would like others to have the same opportunities as me in being able to do this. I have created a deck with my own sigils on them which can be bought and used to create your own binds whilst having the confidence that it is a system of sigils that works, that you have been taught how to use them and are then able to really harness and manifest anything within all life areas should you so wish.

If you want to learn more about sigils, creating binds and how to kickstart your journey into manifesting with ease and confidence then join me on September 29th for my workshop to discover how to harness this potential for yourself. Places can be booked through the WDA using the button below.

You can also purchase a deck of all the channeled sigils.

Testimonials from clients who have purchased binds:

Sigils are not unfamiliar to me, though these are not currently part of my practice. The first one I received from Jane was digital and you could feel the power emanating from the figures. The second I received had been burned into a key chain and was so strong, it still felt warm to the touch. The power of these symbols is still evident months later - Annette Lainee


I’ll begin by saying that my first approach to Jane’s bindrunes was more from a place of “can’t hurt to try, I guess” than from a place of strong faith and conviction. Well! It didn’t take long at all to become a full believer!

I had hit a dry spell in business, not an order to be seen in days. I had tried all of the “human” ways to change that. Updated my sites, checked for keywords, refreshed listings, ran some advertising and nothing at all. So I asked Jane if she could do one of her symbols to help with that, and she did! Each time business is slow I just think about the bindrune and it picks up in a matter of two days.

My second bindrune was equally amazing. Created to succeed in a specific situation and gain traction from there and I’m still receiving the results! I can only recommend Jane’s bindrunes to everyone, even if it’s just for the “can’t hurt to try!” because I’m certain that you won’t regret it! - Maria Alviz Hernando


I can already see how there has been shifts in things related to the binds. It is like I can see steps of progress already. I have also managed to free up time for what I need to work on in order for my wishes to become a reality. And for the first time in a very long time I have been able to connect to my dreams, and find the motivation to keep on working. I can also feel an energy shift that is really positive - Jenny Greve

To celebrate the Autumn Equinox I am offering 40% off ALL services. Whether you need a quick advice or a detailed in depth 90 mins consultation - or even a custom Sigil or bind rune - find out more at


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