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June Rune Forecast - Pick a Rune

This month we are asking Odin for guidance on the month ahead and what may be in store for us all.

Take your time and choose Rune 1, 2 or 3 then scroll down for your message.



Did you choose Rune 1?

Rune one - For those who were drawn to rune one for the month of June there is a need this month to bring some balance and fairness into your life. You may find it at times that you are finding certain aspects within your day to day life as being unfair and there is the potential if you are feeling others are treating you unfairly for some bickering to occur. Although these may be minor squabbles you may find yourself having, you could find these draining going through the month if they are persistently occurring. It is a time to look at your energy and where you place it. If you are finding that you are being drained by certain people or situations then you may need to look objectively as to why this is happening and what steps you can be taking to improve this. By speaking the truth and with integrity and not bringing emotions into the equation, you will be better able to make decisions and also prevent communication from getting overly heated. You could be making agreements or having offers of contracts and if you do give your word to anything this month then there will be expectations that what you have said will be done. Only commit to what you know you can complete and this will bring more of a balance into your life and you will find more doors will be open to you because of this.


Did you choose Rune 2?

Rune two - You could really be showing others your strength this month as well as your commitment to things within your life. You could be openly showing your commitment to others around you if regarding your interpersonal relationships. If this is regarding work then you could be finding yourself making a commitment to what you are doing which is going to bring to light things that you may have been unaware of and could signify a whole new beginning. There could be a shift in direction for some regarding work as you may be reevaluating what it is you are doing at this time and seeking to make changes that are going to be more beneficial to you. The strength will be in applying yourself fully to whatever you are drawn to and it is going to be surprising if harnessed in the correct way, you are going to see exactly what you can accomplish. Be mindful of some setbacks during the month and if things aren’t going as smoothly as what you are anticipating, then, having flexibility in your approach will enable you to recover quickly and prevent you from ruminating or filling yourself with any doubts of your capabilities.


Did you choose Rune 3?

Rune three - For those who chose the third rune, it is all about family this month. What family means and what is important within the family. You could this month be trying to create more stability within the family and be looking into longer terms plans which will really be bringing in more abundance in many ways. For some it could be hearing some news of inheritance, for others it could be the start of planning for the future and creating a legacy to be passed down through the generations from you. It could be something as simple as opening a savings account for a child or go so far as to looking at family business and what can be passed on for others. Many will be feeling the importance of family and having them around this month. There will be an appreciation that may have been taken for granted for some time. For others you could well be looking at what traits you have taken from your family and if there are patterns that you are not liking, you could well be looking at healing and changing those patterns to create a more healthy way of being which will then carry forward from you and break those ancestral patterns.


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