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Join the Divination Party!

The Divination PARTY of the year is HERE! Divination PRIDE, featuring the very best of the Divination and LGBTQ+ Community is a party for all diviners - a place to come together, celebrate and learn!

This year's speaker lessons range from Tarot, Runes, Oracle Belline and Lenormand through to Cosmic Meditation and the Art of Vibrational Manifestation!



The Sessions (in sequence):

Session 1 Toni Savory & Jane Matthews

Opening Session

Session 2 Kate Mura

An Open Channel: How Actor Warm-ups Can Improve Your Readings

Session 3 Garth Tardy

La Loteria: A Brief History and Guide for Divination

Session 4 Mitchell Osborn

Tarot for Transformation

Session 5 Malkiel Rouven Dietrich

LGBTQ+ In the Cards

Session 6 + 7 Rana George

The Art of Divination

Session 8 Ethony

TarotTok. WitchTok and Gatekeeping - Holding Space for New Ways

Session 9 Stella Boheme

The Tarot Toolkit

Session 10 Joe Monteleone


Session 11 Lisa Papez

Clean Your Mirror: Using the Tarot to Explore your Authentic Self.

Session 12 Jane Matthews

Master Your Journey with Runes

Session 13 Toni Savory

Diversity in Lenormand, Interpersonal Dynamics

Session 14 Al Juarez

Your Living Sigil

Session 15 Liisa Korhonen

Get Comfortable with the Gypsy Cards

Session 16 Maria Alviz Hernando

Introduction to the Oracle Belline

Session 17 Alvia Crescens

Cosmic Meditation Journey to Starseed Origins

Session 18 Andrea Aste

Tarot from a New Perspective: Exploring Inclusivity, Gender & Sexual Orientation

Session 19 Ben Tomlin

Reversals: Looking at the Flip Side

Session 20 Anthony Carter


Session 21 Neil Kelso

Tarot's Major and Minor Keys: Music, Magic and the Art of Vibrational Manifestation



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