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JANUARY 2021 - Your Pick A Card Read!

Happy New Year to each and everyone of our Members and Supporters! We jump into the New Year with a "pick a card" for you to see what January has in store :) January's pick a card is brought to you by The Little Warlock - Jane (@thelittlewarlock).

You know the score on a pick a card, take a look at image one and decide which of the 3 piles of cards calls your name. Ask in your head, "which pile will show me the best advice for January 2021?" and look at the photo to see whether Pile 1, 2 or 3 jump out as "the one".

Once you have decided, scoot down to the readings and don't forget to comment as the month progresses - we will track 2021 together, as a team!

Before you scroll down any further make sure you have made your choice! 🏠


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Let's get into your January...


This month brings about a new sense of being in oneself. You may find that the way you handle any potential obstacles or difficulties within your life becomes much easier as you are more balanced within your emotions and the way you react towards others. You may find yourself feeling less reliant upon others and really feeling more of a contentment within your life. You may find yourself acting in a more responsible manner and taking accountability for all decisions you may make within your life during this month. You may be less fearful regarding any decisions you may need to make and because of this feeling more a sense of your own power and really being able to harness this. This could be occurring due to you actually embracing the shadow side of yourself just as much as you embrace that light which shines from you. We are all light and dark and in that sense we can only become our true selves through being able not only acknowledging our own shadow side but loving that part of us just as much as we do all the lighter and more positive traits we possess. This is where true strength lies and as you embrace the feminine energy of unconditional love you may find that you have new passions stirred within you, new creative ideas may flow and you could be feeling much more abundant in many areas within your life. It is all about perception this month and the power of your thoughts. How you perceive things to be may not be exactly as they seem. If things don’t seem to be working out the way you have planned this month then try looking from a different perspective and see how a slight change in the way you view things can have a massive impact on how much further you can move forward in the ways in which you would like. Keeping your mind balanced is key to making any decisions this month as you really need to be able to see clearly everything for how it is. If you are finding it hard to focus on work or life in general because of being too preoccupied then really take some time to connect to yourself and really listen to what your inner voice is saying. You possess all the knowledge you need to carry you through this month, you just need to pay attention to what it is you are being guided to.



This month comes with a lot of potentially life changing decisions. You may have been feeling like your dreams are always just out of your reach and have compromised on what it is you have been wanting to achieve within your life to accommodate the needs of others. It may be that you are finding it harder and harder to ignore the calling for you to really start making changes and pursuing your own happiness and not forsaking it for the happiness of others any longer. You may have had many challenges within your life so far but standing as your own authentic self and what makes you happy could possibly be one of the toughest yet. Every obstacle we come across within our lives teaches us invaluable lessons that are vital for our growth, on a personal and also spiritual level. Sometimes the same kinds of lessons repeat just with different people or situations to see if we actually have learned anything or if we are finally going to change the way we approach and handle things. It’s time to let go of any fear this month and really focus on moving forward within your life, no matter how uncomfortable these changes may feel. Have trust in yourself that you are making the right decisions for you and allow your confidence to grow as you listen to your intuition. The choice of doing things how you always have to please others or making changes that are going to make you happy is one that only you can decide. People may not be happy with the changes that you may make this month but then can you really say that you are happy when you are living your life through others and not for yourself. If your soul is calling for you to grow then this month is the ideal time to really push through any feelings of discomfort and embrace the new you that is waiting to emerge for all to see.



You may find yourself spending more time going within yourself this month, by being able to look within you will find the answers that you have been long searching for. You may feel more of a peace within yourself as you are more accepting of things within your life without the need for controlling them. You could be feeling your heart chakra really starting to open as you connect more to your inner self and allow everything within your life to come from an open heartspace. This will bring a sense of appreciation for all you have within your life already and from that will attract even more abundance towards you. There may be a new found sense of peace within you as you find yourself feeling more patient of things coming towards you and not worrying overly about when or why they may come. You could be hearing some truths this month and whether these come from your own inner self or your guides communicating with you or coming from a friend or spiritual mentor, these words will be worth paying attention to and may be vital in assisting you to see the path forward in which you need to take. Be receptive to all messages you receive this month and really approach everything from a place of love. You may need to show compassion to others or even yourself at times but in doing so you really are opening the doors for a new way of being in the world around you.


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