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It's a message for You - traditional pictures in playing cards...

Cartomancy and tradition are always closely connected. Several traditional pictures and sayings are still part of the cartomantic rules & vocabulary and they were seen as important signs in the cards. Just like we have some superstitious sayings in our everyday life when we see a spider for example - so do we have pictures like that in our cards.

Often you cannot find these metaphors in books anymore - unfortunately they are fading away and sinking into oblivion, because they were only built on words passed on from generation to generation. But this is the stuff most card meanings are made of - it is like an essence of cartomancy. Especially the cards that don't have any symbolds or pictures are in need of those metaphors and legends to be able to deliver messages. The Skat cards are an example of this.

I want to give you a short insight: The Jacks in our playing cards are seen as really important company - in former times you couldn't just turn on the news, information was delivered by messengers - and so the Jacks fulfilled exactly this role, because every single one of them is related to a life event or feeling that is created by a situation. Traditionally they were seen as messengers - if you have to face one of these guys you can be sure something will come up - but be careful which of the four messengers will cross your way - the cards have their reasons to put some members of this fateful quartet into dark light. While one is covering you with love - the other one might be lurking until you are trapped....

It is really exciting how people created their symbols and stories in the cards to let them speak. That is the mystical touch that is given by the cards throughout time - it is important to keep this alive!

I hope you liked this excursion - take care and have a wonderful upcoming weekend!

Andreas :)

These are the four fateful messengers in a Skat game!

If you want to join us in the upcoming Skat course, there are still a couple of seats left:


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