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Hitting Gold

At the World Divination Association we are so proud of the hard work and determination shown by our Endorsed Readers. This week we are spotlighting Hermeet Kaur, who attained GOLD Endorsement in Lenormand system this month. Read on how Hermeet became the professional reader she is today and support Hermeet by reading, commenting and sharing her success!


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I am Hermeet Kaur from Agra, India. I am known as Diivine Healing on my social media accounts and l am also the founder of Diivine Healing which came into existence in 2016.

I am a Tarot, Oracle & Lenormand card reader, Numerologist , Crystal & Number therapist, Reiki and Ho'oponopono practitioner. l have been reading cards and doing healings for my clients which are a part of my remedial sessions since 2016.

Diivine Healing is on Instagram & Facebook and also on 4 international platforms where l work as an independent psychic advisor.

I have worked with clients all over the world and have hundreds of testimonial on Diivine Healing social media accounts, which shows their trust and faith in my readings and healings.

I have been awarded and recognition for my work over the years:


2017: The inspiring gem of India

2018: The Karmic Award for my contributions towards society

2021: The Best Tarot Card Reader Award 2021: The Change Maker Award This was presented to me by the Law & Order Ministry of my state 2021: The Best Divination Achiever Award by the World Divination Association

Tell us a little about your Lenormand journey

After reading Tarot & Oracle cards for several years, I wanted to add more card reading modalities to my tool belt and from there my search started to find additional systems of reading cards. Then one day way back in 2019 l saw a Indian reader doing reading with a different cards system on a Facebook live.

I was very impressed with the bluntness of the cards and the "to the point" answers they were delivering and there my curiosity grew to know more about them. When l enquired l came to know that they were Lenormand cards.

Then in-order to learn the system l did a basic course with the reader but l was not satisfied with the knowledge l was given. My search to know more about Lenormand card had begun. So l googled to know more about Lenormand cards and few books name popped up and l bought all the 3 books of different writers.

I started reading the books but l got more confused as every author had their way interpret the cards.

Then l needed to find an alternative way to learn reading Lenormand cards and which made me search for a good mentor who had a deep knowledge of the system, I even found a very good mentor but at the same time l was struggling with a health condition and thus missed the opportunity to learn from the amazing mentor as l was advised to take care of my health first.

Even with my health issue my urge to learn Lenormand didn’t dissipate, so l kept on searching for a good mentor and then one day l came across Toni’s courses on teachable & l bought the first levels on March 17 2020 & 2 more on 20th March 2020 and started learning Lenormand & joined the WDA group to ask my queries.

So my search led me not only to a perfect course for me as they were home study course and l could do them at my comfort zone but l also found an association where l found a clan of like minded people. I have taken almost all the courses that are available for Lenormand on the WDA site and few other courses of additional modalities and gained so much of knowledge from them.

The WDA conferences, the live session, free weekend attend by me added more knowledge to my tool belt and they are like the cherry on the cake.

What are your favourite decks?

My favourite Lenormand decks are:

Rana George Lenormand deck, l love the rich culture depicted in the cards. The Dreaming Way Lenormand as it is my first Lenormand deck and will always be special to me.

The Whisper Lenormand in the mini version.

What are your favourite techniques?

I am a fluid Tarot card reader, so l like to read Lenormand fluidly too, but still there are few cartomancy techniques which l like to use like knighting, chaining & houses which l use to get more information out of a read.

What advice would you give Lenormand Learners?

If l would want to give a word of advice on how to get Lenormand under your tool belt, my best advice would be to stick to a system and a teacher initially, other wise you will land up getting more confused as this was my personal experience and practice practice, practice as it is the key to success. The day l realised that l need to stick to a system, a teacher and need to practice more, l started getting a better hold on Lenormand. Then In order to get more confident with the system of reading Lenormand card l opted for Lenormand endorsement. The mentoring and feedback given by my mentors helped me to become a more confident and a better reader. Now l am a certified Gold endorsed Lenormand card reader by WDA and l proudly hold the badge.

I will always be grateful to my mentor’s and WDA as l have gained so much of knowledge from them and would love to make any effort possible on my part to grow WDA so that l can pay it forward.

Love & light


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