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Grand Jeu Lenormand: a true gem!

The Grand Jeu Lenormand is without any doubt one of the most neglected systems in the card reading community. The cards contain a mix of different images and symbols and their apparent complexity seems to repel even the most seasoned card reader. Add to that the scarcity of reliable information and the lack of English books on the subject, and it's not so surprising that this treasure doesn't get the love and attention it deserves.

The Grand Jeu Lenormand consists of 54 cards (52 playing cards + 2 significators, male/female) with 8 symbols on each of them:

1 - A central subject: representing a mythological, historical scene.

2 - Two subjects at the bottom: one on the right and one on the left representing a scene from daily life.

3 - A letter: which is at the top right and is used for the encrypted alphabet.

4 - A planetary constellation: located at the top center.

5 - Geomantic symbol: located under certain letters.

6 - Flowers: Located at the bottom center.

7 - A playing card insert in the top left corner.

While Mlle Lenormand never really disclosed the system that she used, these cards are undoubtedly the closest you will ever get. Many of her books show her interest in Greek mythology, and her knowledge of flowers and astrology. From customer testimonials we know that she used strange, large, painted cards, depicting astrological signs, flowers, and letters.

There are several spreads you can use when consulting the Grand Jeu Lenormand. The images of one card are then connected to those of the other cards. The cards are full of information and surprising storylines and provide beautiful, comprehensive and accurate readings.

The main difference with other systems is that Grand Jeu meanings are cut and dried, you never have to choose between different options. There is no second guessing - you just need to adjust the story to your context, et voilà!

If you want to learn how the system works, you can join us for the Level 1 workshop with Björn Meuris next month. By the end of the course you will be able to call yourself a true Grand Jeu Lenormand reader and will be performing 3- to 5-card readings like a pro!


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Lisa Young Sutton
Lisa Young Sutton
Sep 29, 2019

Excellent article, Ruth! I'm so glad that I took the Grand Jeu course. It's everything you say it is - so easy and no decisions about possible meanings!

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