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Different countries - different divination

Maybe you remember in one of my previous posts about Skat and playing cards that I told you more about the different languages the cards are able to speak, depending from where they originate.

I return to this again. If you had time to research by yourself you maybe have seen that there are sometimes small or even really big differences in cards - the way they look, the symbols they have, the core meanings they have and of course how they are laid out on the table for divination.

Each country has traditions and that is wonderful! Some countries honor them more and keep them more alive than others. At an early age I started to research different systems and I learned to use them, because it was and it is still so fascinating to me, what you can see in the cards if you know how to react with them.

Even if the world is full of playing cards - cards are not "just"cards - there is a reason, why countries have their traditional card decks and they connect a history with that.

However, they share same history - they have been used for as long as we can remember for divination - no matter where you are!

And due to different card decks for me going to Italy in vacation, for example, also meant to change my cards for divination!

There was no other way. It was important to me to dive into their diviantion history!

It is a total different experience, it is like using a new way of divination - even if you use playing cards - that at first sight only seem to be designed different. No, they are talking a different language too.

They are whispering to you the messages of the future in their voice and delving deeper into the diversity of fortune telling with playing cards to expand your possibilities of divination you can highlight unclear paths!

Now it is summer here and it makes me think of the sun and of the southern countries in Europe and I decided to teach you the southern meanings of the cards and share their secrets with you! have a great time & take care Andreas

italian, german & spanish playing cards - you can do much more important with them than playing...


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