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Commemorative Deck - WDA Virtual Event

Preparations for the WDA Virtual Event on the 20th & 21st November are in swing and there has been a buzz around the commemorative deck for Tier 3 Participants! In 2020 we had the incredibly simple and modern Lenormand deck, in 2021 we are going big!

Sneak peak at the Artist's Work: Find Alanna- Marie on Instagram today:

We are proud to announce the design and a little sneak peak behind our 2021 Commemorative Deck!

The 2021 deck is nearing completion and the system has not been released to date ... are you ready??

System Creator Toni Savory

Deck Artist Alanna-Marie

Release date October 15th 2021

The system we have created this year is based upon the four suits of the SKAT playing card system. Whilst Skat is numbers and symbols, the WDA 2021 Commemorative Deck is a visual oracle deck based on 4 Suits:

Suit of Circles Expansion & Spiritual

Suit of Tears Troubles & Struggles

Suit of Hearts Love & Wellbeing

Suit of Stars Work & Professional Life

Each suit contains 8 cards and is a life area in one. The culmination of a grouping containing the core essence of their suit. The system is easy to read on first glance and keywords enable the reader to pick up and start reading on day one. General reads thus showing clearly the direction of the read in the presence of suits and auspicious versus inauspicious read being obvious on first glance with the attendance of the suit of Tears.

Clarity on first glance!

There are 4 additional cards that are used for “People” in the deck to easily pick out the main players and how they are affecting the querent's life.

  • Querent Female

  • Querent Male

  • Guide Female

  • Guide Male

The Deck Artist Name: Alanna-Marie (pentopixel.jpeg)

Alanna-Marie is a 25 year old artist born and currently based in the Emerald Isle. Her art style reflects her interest in all things psychedelic. From a young age Alanna-Marie has been drawn to other worldly, colourful things and that shows itself through her art. Alanna-Marie's interest in art and design really flourished at secondary school, taking on GCSE art and experimenting with all kinds of different mediums and techniques. Using traditional mediums such as acrylic, oil pastel or your trusty ballpoint pen and pencil! This allowed her to build her skills before moving on to digital art in 2019 when she bought her first iPad, just after we going into our first national lockdown! During this time we all had a lot of time to sit with ourselves, some good and some bad. For Alanna-Marie, this was the beginning of her spiritual journey. Learning more about herself and more about the universe everyday, parts of this journey are clearly reflected in her art. Ending up with where she is now, focusing on bringing enlightenment, bright colours and positivity into others lives.

The link from art to oracle by Alanna-Marie:

"My creative process changes depending on the piece I am doing! One of the reasons I have loved working along with this project, I was given total artistic freedom. It’s not often as an artist that we get to do this from a commissioned piece, as normally people have a fair idea of what they would like created! With this project, I started with the name of each card and processed what that name meant to me. Often I find my inspiration comes from visualisation of the word or phrase I am working from. For many of these cards, the art I have decided on has come from the depths of my mind, the images are presented to me as I am taking in the name. Once I have a basis of what that specific card means to me, I adapt it to suit my style often being psychedelic and colourful. Then voila, you have a beautiful art piece!"

How the World Divination Association entered Alanna-Marie's universe:

"I was presented the opportunity to work on this project through recommendations on Facebook. The magical world of social media! Toni had asked if anyone in my local area knew of any students artists to design a set of oracle cards. Having done other commissioned pieces for businesses and other people around my home town, I was recommended by a few different people! Upon having a browse through my Instagram, Toni contacted me and said I would be perfect for the job! Which being the proud owner of my own tarot deck and living my life through the powers of the universe, I can safely say I was over the moon about! It has been my absolute pleasure to work with the WDA and I am forever grateful for this amazing opportunity!"

Make sure you follow Alanna-Marie TODAY:

The Deck:

The WDA Skat Oracle will be available to TIER 3 participants at the WDA Virtual Event on 20th & 21st November. Over 40 international divination speakers gather to celebrate 2021 including lessons on Tarot, Lenormand, Runes, Palmistry and way more! We also have our favourite DJ PROJECT LO closing the party for all participants.

Register TODAY for the biggest Divination party worldwide!

See you in November!!


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