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Big Bang Raffle! - 31 Prizes Seek Home!

Our Big Bang Conference is here, bringing closure to a year like no other and giving you the tools to make 2021 memorable! (But good memorable, not 2020 memorable!)

As you may already know, our conferences are run around the clock by the amazing team of volunteers of the WDA, who make it possible that everything goes as planned and are readily available throughout the event to assist both attendees and speakers with any issue that may arise. Our traditional raffles are our way to support and say thank you to our amazing team while giving some spectacular prizes to our attendees!

THINGS YOU CAN WIN! 1 x Exclusive Commemorative Lenormand Deck from the WDA Lenormand Summit, designed by Rebecca Birrell, kindly offered by the World Divination Association.

1 x 20’ One on One Reading with Jane Matthews, kindly offered by Jane Matthews.

1 x Spot at next Reiki One Course + Attunement with Jane Matthews, kindly offered by Jane Matthews.

1 x Spot at “The Tarot 10 - 10 Months to Intuitive Tarot Mastery”, kindly offered by Tara Sanchez.

1 x One on One Session with Toni Puhle (Reading or Mentoring), kindly offered by Toni Puhle.

1 x Oracle Deck, kindly offered by Alison DeNicola.

1 x 30’ Private Reading with The Food Healing Oracle Deck ®, kindly offered by Lainie Sevante Wulkan.

1 x Course “Tarot Magic: Using Tarot as a Map to Manifest Change” by Rebecca Birrell, kindly offered by Rebecca Birrell.

1 x One on One Session “Learn to Read Tarot Fluently Without Ever Needing the LWB” with Rebecca Birrell, kindly offered by Rebecca Birrell.

3 x 1 Year Memberships to The Enchanted World, kindly offered by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.

1 x Paperback Copy of “Tarot Kaizen” by Alison Cross, kindly offered by Alison Cross.

1 x Full Pre-Recorded Video Reading with Trina Amiot, kindly offered by Trina Amiot.

1 x Intuitive Reading and Healing Session to Assist You in Manifesting with Serena Curran, kindly offered by Serena Curran.

1 x 13-Card Zodiac Wheel Tarot Reading with Jozefa Seaqueen, kindly offered by Jozefa Seaqueen.

1 x “Sunflower Lenormand” + Blessing Stickers by Sara Priestley, kindly offered by Sara Priestley.

1 x Session of “Mesa Elemental Alinhamento Divino” by Miguel Santos Metàvasi, kindly offered by Miguel Santos Metàvasi.

1 x Deck by Melanie Mitchell, kindly offered by Melanie Mitchell.

1 x “2021 Fool’s Spread Tarot video reading” with Mitchell Osborn, kindly offered by Mitchell Osborn.

1 x 2021 Yearly Reading with Hermeet Kaur, kindly offered by Hermeet Kaur.

1 x “Learning the Tarot One Card at a Time” Journal + Notebook by Empowered by Tarot, kindly offered by Melissa Contreras.

3 x Face-Reading Workshops kindly offered by Janekke de Lange.

1 x True North Oracle Session with Tina Hardt, kindly offered by Tina Hardt.

1 x E-mail Reading with Ashriel Knight, kindly offered by Ashriel Knight.

1 x Hand-made Crochet Pouch (Colour and size to be chosen by the winner) by Queen of Wands Designs, kindly offered by Karen KaleidoscopeTarot Wiederhold.

1 x “Field Guide to Garden Dragons” Deck + Book Set, kindly donated by AJ Grugan.

1 x 30’ Tarot Reading with Calley Nelson, kindly offered by Calley Nelson.

1 x 1 Hour Reading with Erika Robinson, kindly offered by Erika Robinson.

1 x 1 Hour Reading from Soultopia, kindly offered by Michelle Welch.


Each attendee to the conference has 1 ticket to the raffle by default, though you can support the team and increase your chances of winning by purchasing additional tickets! Each 1 Euro gets you one entry! You can purchase as many tickets as you'd like! All proceeds go to WDA volunteers who run the conference!

Click on Donate and for every 1 EURO donated to the WDA Volunteers - you receive 1 Raffle entry

The winners will be announced in the Big Bang Conference Group (The same place where the conference is held) on Sunday at 11PM Berlin Time.

HOW TO CLAIM THE THINGS?! If you win one of our prizes CONGRATULATIONS! In order to help us keep things smooth, we ask that you contact the donor of the prize directly to arrange the delivery of your prize! Should you have a problem contacting the donor, send an e-mail to to receive help in getting it sorted! You have 15 days to claim your prize.


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