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As The Veil Thins

Some will argue that the veil thins only at May Day & Samhain, and others to include Yuletide. In Appalachia, my part of that ancient mountain chain, the veil is always thin.

What is the veil and why would its thin or thickness matter? By definition, a veil is meant to protect or hide something from view. I have read many different ideas on why there is a need for a veil between our realm and others, ranging from we are here for a specific lesson or experience and the veil is meant to keep our forgetting in place so we focus on this lesson/experience to the thought that our 3-D minds cannot handle nor understand just how much more there is to life on this planet. That veil shields the others from our conscious minds as protection for us or them or both!

But who are the others? The list is much too broad for this discussion so I will talk about spirits, not so much ghosts (though my house has been haunted and still has occasional visits) but more specifically spirits of the land. There are many spirits of the land; elementals, sprites, the Fae, more than I can name, and forgive me for my ignorance and exclusion of those others. So, the land is dirt, dirt is composed of dead things thus possessing the memories of those dead. Now, I am not referring to graveyards, that a totally different place (interconnected cities) and we can talk about that later if you'd like.

Back to dirt. The soil here is ancient and part of the same mountain range that stands in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, down through Portugal, and even into Morocco. Just Google the International Appalachian Trail. I cannot speak for the dirt in these other places as this part of Appalachia is all I've known. There is ancient magic in these mountains that can be seen and felt; it lingers in the air like pollen. It whispers to me in a tongue I've yet to understand though can feel its heartbeat in my chest; the veil is thin here always.

Careless words spoken with emotion have more than once created situations that I could not have foreseen; purposeful words spoken with intent have manifested in ways that have left others in awe; I've had to have a chat with my beloved about not talking about certain activities with the community as a whole. *insert eye roll here* Many are familiar with the children's song, "Oh be careful little mouth what you say?" There is a reason. Sticks and stones may break your bones but words have the power to harm the soul.

The dirt remembers creation and living, death and dying. It contains all the memories of those buried in it and those who have died atop. I have a medium friend who, every time we speak, asks "Are you sure your house isn't built on top of a burial ground?" and I suppose, in a way, everyone's home is built upon something that has died. The dead still have much to offer the living.

As we move into fall and closer to Samhain and the quiet times, take the time to stop and listen. Magic is all around us, not just here in Appalachia. Close your eyes and just. listen. Listen to the dirt whisper; its there just at the edge of consciousness. You don't have to understand what is said, you'll feel it in your chest and the writing about it afterward will help your conscious mind process the experience. If you are a cartomancer or diviner, lay cards, throw bones or charms or have tea to explore the message. Toni has several Youtube videos on getting messages from the other side of the veil, the spirit radar spread, and a Lenormand and mediumship class offered right here through the WDA.

I invite you to join me in the WDA and a group called the Cackle; share what you hear or are inspired to create. Many Blessings!


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