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A Bone Reading In Action


BKRM (Kipper Card) Pro Reader + Bone Throwing Teacher

Bone throwing, or reading the bones, is an ancient form of divination practiced by many cultures all over the world in many fashions. Bones from various species (or sometimes just a single species as is common in American Hoodoo) along with shells, roots, stones, or small objects and charms are tossed onto a mat or a circle drawn on the ground and divination is done by examining how the pieces fell in relation to one another.

Today I’m sharing a reading I’ve done for a querent "R" who wondered how an upcoming job opportunity will play out for her.

This is the initial throw of the pieces on the reading mat.

It looks pretty chaotic, sure, but the key to good bone reading is looking for the pieces that relate to the question and taking things piece by piece.

The first thing I always look for is the die and what number has shown up. This sets the “theme” of the reading. In this case it shows a number 4 which relates to stability. The job R is looking for may offer more pay, better conditions, or other ways that offers her a sense of greater security in her work life.

Next I look for the piece that represents the workplace. Here it’s a particular shell. What else lies with it? What relation do they hold in relation to one another?

Here the workplace is touching the trilobite fossil upside down. Usually it represents stuck conditions and the past. Upside down those things are freed up now. She’s worked for the company a long time, but there hasn’t been a lot of room to move. Now a new opportunity is presenting itself and movement is possible. The pronghorn antelope tooth represents communication and news so this is something she’s actively working toward (sending in applications, resumes etc.) The lion figure represents “bigwigs”, the bosses, the people in charge. They need to be communicated with and will make the decision. The metal pendant piece upside down shows this is a situation that R has some ability to influence on her behalf. The fairy shows that asking any spirits she works with for help wouldn’t hurt either.

Above that group is a cowrie shell that shows what to look at now. It’s lying on coin showing that a little more money is involved. The black stone is a gift, they extra money will certainly be appreciated.

Next we can look at where the shell representing the client lies. Here it’s lying on the bone for happiness. R should be happy with the outcome. It’s lying next to the catseye shell or gomati chakra and that represents wealth, success, prosperity. Above it is a vertebra that Anastasia gifted to me and means being in the right place at the right time. R is in that position, the right person at the right time for the job.

The happiness bone is touching another pronghorn jaw showing things are happening quickly and may involve a bit of sacrifice on R's part (Spiky shell) and frustration (anger bone).

The bracelet indicates things to be paid attention to and looked at now. Inside is a chicken bone suggesting that the conditions need to be made right for success. The branch is pointing the raccoon bacculum just touching the bracelet suggesting contacts and friends may be helpful.

Overall it looks good for R's chance of getting this job!


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