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5 Nights at Lennie's

Get your Lenormand Decks at the ready and join in the 5 day "5 Nights at Lennie's" Challenge running all over social media!

Whether you are a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other platform freak - tag us in on your challenge reads and be in with a chance of winning A COURSE OF YOUR CHOICE from the WDA Website! We have 5 reading techniques over 5 days to get you in the mood for the fast approaching WDA Lenormand Summit.


We will find your posts!

So, what delights do we have for you, or should I say what "challenges" does 5 Nights at Lennie's have in store?


DAY 1 Read 5 cards from start to finish as a narrative.

Your first challenge is to complete a narrative read using your favourite deck (don't forget to use the hashtag and naturally tag in your friends to join the challenge). A narrative read is the cornerstone of every Lenormand read and being able to "tell a story" rather than combine your cards takes us back to the late 18th and early 19th century Lenormand readers in Germany.

In this read we have 20 - 1 - 24 - 27 - 36, we can see that in the week ahead there will be group chats and news that is so enjoyable they morph into sharing common goals. By the end of the week the participants will inevitably see it as a way they can get to their own personal goals. A week of sharing and brainstorming ahead!

Tag us in your narrative reads on any social media platform!


DAY 2 Challenging Cards.

No matter what Lenormand Reader you ask, at first they all had one challenging card, one card that just didn't sit as well as the others, or one that they struggled to fit into a theme.

Take your most challenging card out of the deck and lay it centrally in a box spread - use it as your significator. You can choose a themed read or again just a predictive "what will happen around this significator". In the image we have 19 Tower, our card of longevity.

Also, in the Game of Hope a payment card, one which we have to pay a token in order to gain clarity. Choose your style of reading and work on that card for the day, how can it be read in different themes and how can you "gel" with it better. The Tower in a daily read can just show a LONG day ahead, a good day, but a LOOOOOOONG one!


DAY 3 Storytelling.

Storytelling is the perfect friend to a narrative read, it is what the Lenormand is all about and how Lenormand was read back in the 19th century parlours. It is a fun and freeing experience to navigate the cards as a story and the reader becomes more fluid with every attempt. There are many ways to recant a story, we can go full on fantasy mode, explain a future narrative of your favourite soap opera or just say how our lives will pan out in a fluid and story like fashion.

For Day 3 get your best "once upon a time" hat on and tell us a story, it can be the story of your week ahead, how you would escape a jungle enclosure or a future instalment of your favourite movie. Choose any spread, set your intention and go full on story teller mode! In our short line of 3 I can confirm that Hela is concealing feelings, they will absolutely come to light ....... and GO!


DAY 4 Houses.

If you aren't signed up for the Lenormand Summit yet (WHY NOT!!?) don't worry - you can join in with "what you will take away from this challenge" i.e. what will you learn!

If you want to learn more then get to the summit peeps LOL.

Houses confuse some readers and they struggle to understand why we use, if this is you I have a quick trick!

Choose a role for your houses! Consider what they could be and try it out. For example, we can use Houses as the "important baseline information" in a situation, the card on top colouring that baseline. OR we can use houses as an undercurrent - what is happening beneath the story or behind the scenes, whereas the cards on top complete the "open storyline" or "what we see happening" - practice with your houses and find out what they could do for you!


DAY 5 Descriptive Read.

If you aren't registered for the Summit try describing who your favourite Lenormand Reader is or the person who influences you the most in the card reading community.

If you are joining us, then why not try a predictive description, i.e. one you don't know the answer to just yet! We can then revisit at the end of the Summit lives!

Lenormand are amazing at describing people, places, animals and situations! All you need to do is slip into the mode of "looks like this" or "acts like this" etc.

You may use any spread you like, just use each card as a description, don't slip into narrative or cartomantic techniques ... just describe!


Remember - post on ANY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM and use the hashtag - the rest we will do!


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