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A closer look at “20. the Garden”

Traditionally speaking the Garden refers to the querent’s entourage. When this card falls far from the significator card in a Grand Tableau, it literally means that your social network is not as close to you as you would like, and even hints to false friends.

This card gives us more information about our social life, how popular (or unpopular) we are and how engaged we are within our social network.

Based on its distance, N ° 20, the Garden, will shows us how valuable interhuman relationships are and how they will affect our wellbeing.

If this would be a Grand Tableau for a man, the placement of the Garden would indicate that good company and valuable contacts will be within reach during the timescale set. In the opposite case, a female querent would not be able to enjoy these social privileges and pleasures as the Garden is placed too far from her…

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