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Enhance your read with Coins & Charms

If you are feeling funky with the cards or just wanting an extra level of detail to your reads - Coins and Charms are a great addition to your Divination Toolbelt.

Watch my latest video to learn 4 Methods to cast your Coins and Charms!

Whatever Cartomantic system you use, you can always add another form of divination to squeeze that additional layer out!

What would I recommend as an additional layer?

Lenormand Charms by Andreas Nostre Dahm (click on the image for link)

Lenormand Coins by Andreas Nostre Dahm

and the Magpie Oracle by Carrie Paris (link on image).

Magpie Oracle by Carrie Paris

You can also create your own Charm set or use your Bone Set on top of the reads! Try it out and tag me in on your reads in the World Divination Group on Facebook.

Our Bones Throwing course starts on the 4th February too!

Bone Throwing Divination

How do you cast and what do you use?

Tag me in

Toni Puhle - The Card Geek

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