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Getting more out of your daily readings!

Working with a topic for your daily readings is a great way to get more detailed information about a specific event or aspect of your day.

In that case the top cards are showing the topic that will be further explained by the three cards below. Here we can see that there will be information (n ° 1, the Rider) that is worrisome (n ° 23, the Mice).

Two possible scenarios… (or perhaps a mix of both).

1 * – The worrisome news will be about a threat (n ° 10, the Scythe) to my reputation or status (n ° 28 + 32, the Man + the Moon).

2 * – The worrisome information might also be concerning certain risks / dangers (n ° 10, the Scythe) in my work situation (n ° 32, the Moon as a life area card for work).

Do you want to learn how to work with the Petit Lenormand cards or get new insights to improve your current reading techniques? Join us next Monday for the Lenormand Level 1 Workshop!

Have a great weekend!

Björn & Ruth

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