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Cool with Cards!

The summer is upon us here in Munich and our run up to Autumn is always the nicest time of the year. Sunshine, ice-cream and school holidays. Munich is particularly beautiful in summer with warm weather tempting the Bavarian population out to lakes, open air swimming and of course BBQs!

My summer starts with planning for Autumn, new courses, new fun! Mix it in with an article for The Cartomancer Magazine (, the TABI Conference, Tarot Summer School and a whole heap of "to-do's" then you have my early summer covered.

I haven't disappeared ... I am all 16. His Thoughts and planning planning planning. Take a peak at our schedule and some of this planning will become clear... newness ... shiny new courses!

So..... before I chat for hours on unrelated thingimijigs and move away from aforementioned "to-do's".... here is the course schedule for the coming term time:

WDA Course Schedule 18

And of course ... reserve your place before they run out!

Register for WDA Cours

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