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Halloween is approaching fast! Bits, Bones & Curios

October is coming close, pumpkins line the roads in Bavaria ready to become the next Jack-o--lantern! I have the feeling the farmers harvest them earlier each year!

October is one of our favourite months at the World Divination Association and we are lining up some beauties for the run up to the 31st.

In our Facebook groups we will be running "Halloween Readz" - all you have to do is take the best photo of a read in a halloween style - can be anything from background spookiness to Halloween decks - the choice is yours .... we will choose 3 winners and announce on the 31st who has won the best image / read awards.



Third Place Fun Membership

Second Place Fun Membership + Surprise Deck

First Place Fun Membership + Surprise Deck + Bone Course! (see below)


Where can you enter:

USE HASHTAG #wdaspooky

🧿Facebook Groups:


And that leads us nicely into our BONE READING COURSE!

You have heard of charms and probably gathered a few in your time - why not learn to read bones and create a divination system of your own with Garth Tardy! If you DON'T have a bone reading set DO NOT WORRY! We can point you in the right direction and also help you set up your own!


I will let Garth explain....


Hello, my name is Garth Tardy and I’m really excited to be teaching a class on bone reading!

If you’ve ever used a charms casting set or thrown runes then bone reading will look a little familiar. Peoples all over the globe have been using bones, shells, seed pods and other small but meaningful trinkets to perform divinations and I’ll be teaching you an updated, modern version of this ancient practice.

The bones are thrown onto a mat or other defined space and then meaning is read from the patterns, shapes, positions and meanings of individual pieces in relation to one another. It sounds harder than it is, really! I get amazingly detailed results from reading with my bone set and I hope you’ll find the same results.

Some people will be wondering if there are any spirits involved in the practice and I’d answer that by saying it depends entirely on the individual diviner. If you work with spirits you can certainly involve them in this. Many bone throwers believe it’s our Ancestors that cause the bones to fall where they do; others don’t and regard their bones as just another tool like a deck of Lenormand cards. In this course you’ll be encouraged to do what feels comfortable for you.

One of the most reward parts of building and working with your own bone set is that it is forever a divination tool that’s YOURS. You pick the pieces that speak to you, you assign them meaning, and no one else will be able to read them as well as you can! You’ll be building a powerful divination tool that’s in tune with you. It’s a very satisfying skill to develop and I hope you’ll join me in the class.


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