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Them Bones ... Them Bones

There is a new kid on the WDA Block and it is divination like no other! Cue bones.... a lot of bones ....

If you are bones squeamish then look away now, if not, then this is the form of divination for you! The new kid on the WDA block is offering you a whole new skillset.

Bones WDA

Bone throwing, or reading the bones is an ancient form of divination practiced by many cultures all over the world in many fashions. Bones from various species (or sometimes just a single species as is common in American Hoodoo) along with shells, roots, stones, or small objects and charms are tossed onto a mat or a circle drawn on the ground and divination is then completed by examining how the pieces fell in relation to one another. So, who is going to teach us the fine art of Bone Reading and how can you learn?

Garth Tardy was born and raised in Northern Maine and has Masters degrees in Slavic Literature and Linguistics and in Library Science. He currently works as a librarian at the University of Missouri Kansas City where he’s the “Special Formats Cataloger, specializing in sound recordings.

Bone Reading with the World Divination Association

He’s long had an interest in divination of all forms and reads Kipper Cards (BKRM Pro Reader), Loteria cards, and the Bones. He’s been reading Bones for about 2 years. Garth and his husband live in Kansas City with their sun conure Orlando and two budgies, Kiwi and Sunny. For fun Garth reads, knits, and drinks wine.

Bone Reading

The course begins 8th October 2018 and is limited to 15 places. To begin the course the student will need to purchase ahead of time a bone throwing kit and have a plain (solid colored) cloth to throw onto.

We will send all links for purchasing Bone kits when you register for the course!

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