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Feedback - Be Constructive!

I know, any excuse to quote my favourite TV programs - Flight of the Conchords, had to come out for this one (and I apologise for the unabashed abundance of gifs!).

How am I crowbarring them into my blog? It all started with #buddyreads and you know, I do read through them. I don't have time to comment every week or even give them a "like" but they do pass through my newsfeed on Facebook and I do have a nosy. I also check on comments and the interactions between the two buddy readers.

One thing jumps out often (not just today) and that is the feedback given each week.

Why do we ask for feedback?

Reading cards can be a lonely affair if you are not ready to jump into the pond of readers in reality and rely on online methods to learn. When we post our readings, many are insecure of their abilities and are "testing the water" for said pond of big fish. Many post to find out if they are right - that simple - can they place the cards in your life? They are testers of their given system and many are Virgos (in joke sorry!).

What we need to realise is that the cards that have been drawn DO HAVE A MEANING IN YOUR LIFE as a querent. I am shouting this because a simple "nothing happened this week" or "I was busy all week" doesn't give a reader the feedback they need to place it in the cards. SO, if nothing happened state what the cards are referring to! They have been drawn for you - they were in your life over the week WHAT DID THEY MEAN!!?

That is the feedback a reader needs!

So, when you are considering completing a buddy read in any of our groups (below!) please remember that your observations of the week are needed for your buddy to grow, for them to understand why the cards came up and how they could have applied them (for future reference!). Don't leave them hanging or insecure to complete another read!

And remember .......

If you have asked for a "Work Theme" - the cards will apply to work - if you have asked for a "Love Theme" - the cards will apply to love .... if nothing happened in those themes of the week what are the cards saying? Is there a card to suggest "nothing happens" or a card to suggest "not a great deal" for example.

Give CONSTRUCTIVE feedback always - it is so helpful to a reader!

Teamwork is Dreamwork as my kids remind me often!

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