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The Game of Hope - Lenormand Basics

The Game of Hope / Das Spiel Der Hoffnung

If you are a Lenormand reader I presume you have played the Game of Hope already!? If not, why not!?

The Game of Hope is a hoot to play (especially with kids) and is a lovely "Gesellschaftsspiel" - it is a shame this doesn't translate one for one into the English language, because it is the perfect title for a game that brings people together - a community game if you like - sounds much more fun than a board game right?

Watch my video now to see how to play!

The Game of Hope (Original: "Das Spiel Der Hoffnung") can be seen on the British Museum website HERE.

So this is all nice and dandy, but how does it help in a Lenormand read? Games are fun, but can a reading technique arise from this?

The answer is easy ..... Here in Germany the Game of Hope techniques are still used today as a fast and accurate way to determine the theme of a spread as soon as it has been laid.

Don't believe me?

If you have always struggled to find the meaning in a spread then the Game of Hope Techniques are for YOU! Learn how to apply simple techniques to give you a structured path and an obvious theme to a Grand Tableau!

You will WOW your clients with a punchy theme every single time.

Join me, on the Game of Hope Course starting soon!

The Game of Hope Course with Toni Puhle

Course info:

Zippin' up my boots

goin' back to my roots


Now I have you all singing ... did you ever wonder where the cards came from and how their roots in a game could have an effect on how they were read?

Learn how to read your deck using the Game of Hope as the backdrop it should be! You will receive a first hand translation of the early instructions (yes I hold a BA (Hons) in French and German with a specialty in translation) and the techniques that are tried and tested in Germany.

You only need your favourite Lenormand Deck and an eagerness to learn!

28th May - 1 Week Course

Only 15 places available

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