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The Rider and the Dog

Apart from the usual person cards and the ones that depict court card inserts (King, Queen, Jack), there are some other cards that could also represent people.

Especially in readings centered around “love” it is interesting to see where the Rider or the Dog are positioned.

When they fall close to the Heart, they may warm your heart and whether that will be of a temporary or more serious nature, will be confirmed by the other cards.

The Dog and the Rider are distinct personalities, usually with different physical characteristics and will each have their own “style” of influencing the Heart (n ° 24).

N ° 1, the Rider is often the man who causes ladies look in the mirror to check if their hair and décolleté are still on point. He is the attractive (athletic), proud, well-dressed, charismatic guy. At worst he can be vain and arrogant on his high horse and display a real lack of “Dog properties”.

N ° 18, the Dog is usually the type of man, ladies with a Rider partner are longing for. He is the loyal and patient one who willingly sacrifices himself for his object of affection.

At worst he doesn’t possess any Rider characteristics and may be too boring and unattractive.

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