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35. The Anchor

As with most cards in the Lenormand deck, the Anchor will take on different meanings depending on context and placement. While its essence or core meaning is “hope”, it also expresses a grounding or staying put which is often translated as stability or “being in it for the long haul” – the Anchor is heavy and is not budging. It literally keeps you where you are.

This is generally regarded as a good thing because people usually strive for security and durability in their relationships, career and other areas of life. Unless you are anticipating change or a movement in a situation, the Anchor is a card that we look forward to seeing in a spread.

The Anchor is a sign of successful enterprise and true love when it falls close to the significator in a Grand Tableau but distant it can indicate disappointment and inconstancy in love.

While the Heart speaks of warm feelings and passion and the Ring describes the nature or status of the relationship as a concept, the nature of the love itself is represented by the Anchor. When favourably placed, it speaks of a love that is true – an “anchored” love that is not going anywhere.

In questions about love, the Anchor can speak of more than just hope, trust or stability. When looking at feelings it is often an indicator of firmly grounded or deeply rooted, genuine love.


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