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Partner or Friend?

Most card reading systems work with specific person cards that can be used to represent the querent or another male or female person.

In Petit Lenormand these cards are nº28, the Man and nº29, the Lady.

A very simple concept...

When you are laying a Grand Tableau for a woman, she will be represented by nº29 and when you are consulting the cards for a man, he will be nº28, the Man. I don't think anyone will ever question that.

A common misconception though, is the idea that the other person card automatically represents the spouse or partner, or future partner when the querent is not in a relationship. While that is definitely a possibility, it is never a guarantee.

The second person card in the spread will be described by the cards surrounding it or the area of life that it falls close to. In a Grand Tableau for a lady, the Man might as well be a colleague when the Moon falls next to him, or a sick man or a doctor when he lands close to the Tree.

Is there a way to be certain that the other person card will act as the spouse or partner? Yes, but only if you set your intention accordingly before you lay out the cards. I personally only recommend this if there is a specific need to know more about a partner.

For a single lady for example, the postions of the Ring, Heart and Anchor will be much more telling in assessing the possibility of a future relationship than the placement of the Man, as he will often just represent a significant male who already forms part of a specific area of her life.



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