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It's just my style!

As would come to many as no shock I am seeing a definite trend between myself and a friend of mine that seems to be the Universe teaching us lessons, the same lesson at the same time of course. Again no shock to many I am sure.

Toni Puhle, my amazing friend and Co-Founder of the World Divination Association (WDA) posted a video not too long ago on how she reads and her style of being a reader – sure enough I start to get asked the same question by people as well. Okay I guess it is time for me to bite the bullet and do the same thing, you won’t be at all shocked, if you know Toni, that we read soooo very similar it is almost frighteningly similar.

a perfect example of NOT me

First and foremost when I was doing the Psychic Fair circuit I quickly gained the nickname of “The Blunt Psychic”. Well blunt works but Psychic? Let us get something straight very quickly, when asked to describe myself I do so as a Card Reader. I don’t bill myself as a Psychic, as Gifted (don’t even get me started on how that term is thrown here, there and everywhere) and I surely don’t bill myself as the Extraordinary Hugh or the Reader to the Reader’s – I am not built like that. If others wish to do so, go for it, but for me, it’s Card Reader and that suits me right down to the ground.

Now when we look at Card Reader we will see how I am viewed as blunt. I read the cards, plain and simple. I tell you what the cards say, no sugar coating and little to no filter as to how they say it. Lenormand and Kipper, my buddies, are known to be direct, some would even say brutally honest, that works for me. Tarot, I read that as well, is direct but…… somewhere along the line people have gone into an esoteric realm when reading these lovely cards – not me. I tend to like Marseille Tarot again for it’s directness and also because, thank the Stars (no pun intended), no one has created a “Kitty Kat Marseille Tarot” to muddy the seas of Marseille Tarot up with. Watch now I put that out there and sure enough one will show up – LOL.

And then we come down to a simple fact of my life, I like things direct and to the point yes that’s true but also – I like them practical. That is why you won’t find me the Reader that people go to when they want “spiritual guidance” of the oracle card reading variety that has no system. You know the ones that I mean, the oracle cards where you pull one or two and there is your answer. Okay, these things might be all well and good for others, but especially with oracle cards, if you pull a card and expect the answer of “Inner Wellness” (I just made that up but who knows that could be a card out there) to solve issue I might present with – Nope. Again I like practical and it seems the Universe has heard me about that and my clients do as well. So if you want to hear that the answer to your issue is to “Embrace the Serenity of the Spheres” – please don’t come to me!

Now the along with being blunt and on the practical side we have to look at what goes right along with that, I am not a Counselor or Therapist. I deliver information, specifically the information that I get from reading the cards. I do so and I convey this information in a very detached manner. It does not mean I do have compassion, because I do, what it does mean is I am not the type of reader who “holds your hand” and gets you through things. Again, this comes down to that point I have made – I read the cards and deliver the information they tell me. What I will do is answer questions about how to handle things IF the person I am reading for asks or IF I see them in a state of high distress over an area of the reading. This is where the compassion part of me comes in. Other than that I expect, I read only for adults by the way, that you walk away with information to process and work with on your own to your own best end. Yes I see clients more than once, and these people tend to be those that are of the variety who come from the School of Do the Work, not from the School of Poor Me – you get my point I am sure.

And last but not least – I am a Card Reader who likes to base your reading on questions you have, not general readings. Why? It’s not that I can’t do them, sure I can do them and we can find out some good things along the way but…. general readings tend to give you general answers. I am more the type that likes to make sure we get to the specifics of things that interest you and the best way to do that, I base your reading on questions you have and then go to the cards to look for your answer.

So after reading this you might be surprised that my business as a Card Reader is growing and thriving – I think that might be the proof in the pudding as they say. Read the Cards, give them the information and…… done!


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